Culver Town Council to Meet Tonight

The Culver Town Council members will meet in regular session tonight.

The council members will act on additional readings of the traffic ordinance and the salary ordinance.

The traffic ordinance designates a congested motor vehicle traffic and pedestrian area on Lakeshore Drive and signage will be placed between 508 Lakeshore east to 824 Lakeshore Drive. The ordinance also creates a no parking zone for 50 feet from the intersection on both sides of the street on Batabano and South Plymouth Street.

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Culver Town Council Approves Increased Pay for Advanced Paramedics

The Culver Town Council approved an ordinance amendment that increases the hourly wage for a new advanced paramedic to a range from $10.00 to $15.50 an hour beginning Nov. 1.

EMS Director Kathy Hart thanked the council and noted that the increase will help attract advanced paramedics to the department. She said several applicants have turned away from the position after learning that the wages aren’t comparable to other area departments. This will allow Culver EMS to be more competitive when seeking applications. Continue reading

Marshall County Council Reverses Overtime Eligibility Change

marshall-councilSeveral Marshall County employees will not become eligible for overtime pay tomorrow, after all. Changes at the federal level that were set to take effect December 1 would have required employees making less than about $47,000 to be eligible for overtime. Earlier this month, the county council approved the change to non-overtime-exempt status for those employees. Continue reading