Plymouth City Council to Discuss User Fees

A committee is looking into the user fees for the City of Plymouth to determine any increases needed.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeanine Xaver reminded the Plymouth City Council that she asked them in July of last year how a shortfall of approximately $452,000 will be made up due to a loss in property tax revenue. She said the loss could be due to tax abatements, property tax appeals, unpaid property taxes and property tax caps. In August of last year, she asked the council members how they were going to offset the raises for firefighters and police officers. Volunteers offered to form a committee to research user fees and possibly present a restructured fee schedule with increases to help offset the revenue loss.

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Marshall County Council Approves Rainy Day Fund Transfer

The Marshall County Council members approved a transfer of money to the Rainy Day Fund last week.

Auditor Julie Fox said the council is able to transfer 10 percent of the total of all county budgets from the General Fund to the Rainy Day Fund. She noted that the 2018 budget is just under $25 million and she felt comfortable with the transfer of an amount between $1 million and $1.5 million.  Continue reading

New Fees to Take Effect Feb. 1 in Culver

The Town of Culver will require building permits for reproofing projects and installation of solar energy systems in town limits or in the town’s two-mile planning and zoning jurisdiction. The fee schedule goes into effect on Thursday, Feb. 1.

Fees for roof replacements with no structural change will be $50. Permits for micro solar energy systems are $50 while a medium system permit is $100 and $150 for large systems.  Continue reading

Proposed Job Description for Part-Time Code Enforcement Officer Goes to Consultant

Marshall County Planning Commission President Stan Klotz was before the Marshall County Council members this week asking to have consultant Waggoner, Irwin and Scheele to put together a job description for a part-time code enforcement officer.

The company’s representatives would finalize the description and recommend a salary range for the position for approval by the county council. The planning commission members recently unanimously approved the proposal to the company for development.

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Large Culver Sign to be Replaced

The large-scale Culver sign at the Culver Town Park will be replaced by the time WinterFest begins on Friday, Feb. 9.

Park Superintendent Anna Campbell told the Culver Town Council members this week that the sign spelling out C-U-L-V-E-R will go in the same place where the plywood sign is now. A mock-up placard that describes the history of the name of the Lake Maxinkuckee town will be included next to the sign until a more concrete structure an be constructed.

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Plymouth Officials to Discuss Traffic Changes with Residents on Plum Street

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members and street department officials are going to contact homeowners in the 500 block of N. Plum Street to communicate possible traffic changes at the intersection with Jefferson Street.

In past discussions, parking along that road has led to complaints of safety and the lack of room for two-way traffic. Members of Plymouth EMS, Fire and Police Departments have reported congestion issues when utilizing that road to respond to emergency calls.

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Bremen Downtown Revitalization Preparation Moves Forward

Preparations for a downtown revitalization project in Bremen are moving along. That’s according to Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy.

“JPR started inspections in the basements in all of our downtown businesses and all of the sidewalks,” said Weldy “They’re in all of the buildings downtown inspecting the basements to make sure there aren’t any stairways we didn’t know about or vaults we didn’t know about. So they’re in the process of doing that.”

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Marshall County Council Approves Appropriation for Community Crossings

The Marshall County Council members voted to appropriate money toward the Beech Road paving project as a Community Crossings project.

E&B Paving worked on resurfacing Beech Road from U.S. 6 to 3B Road last year. The project was included in the 2017 projects to be done in 2018, but the project was complete in 2017 as Highway Supervisor Jason Peters preferred that work to be done as soon as possible.

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Judge Makes Decision in Restitution Reimbursement Motion

A hearing regarding the return of restitution to former Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck was held in Marshall County Superior Court No. 1 before Judge Robert O. Bowen Thursday morning.

Haeck and his attorney, Stanley Wruble, filed a motion requesting the return of restitution and Community Corrections fees after the Indiana Court of Appeals overturned Haeck’s conviction on a theft charge in 2016.

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County Council Considers Grant Request for Narcan Kits

Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel approached the county council members Monday morning with a grant request to apply for Naloxone rescue kits.

“There’s no match or salaries attached to the grant,” explained Hassel. “Simply we agree to submit a report to the Indiana Department of Health when we use the test kits. This would enable the staff at the jail and my patrol deputies to be able to administer Narcan if we have an opiate overdose.”

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Plymouth BOW Discusses Intergovernmental Agreement

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members discussed the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the county for planning services when they met Monday night.

According to Clerk-Treasurer Jeanine Xaver, the board members learned that the Marshall County Commissioners amended the agreement to pay Planning Director Ralph Booker for the first three months in 2018 and then conduct an evaluation of work in order to continue on with the contract for the next quarter. The board members agreed to the amendment.

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Culver Town Council Gets Update on Winter Operations

The winter weather has put a dent in the Town of Culver’s road salt supply.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the Culver Town Council members Tuesday night that half of the town’s salt supply has been used to help clear roads in town so far this season. He assured the council members that the town’s contract with the salt supplier allows the town to purchase more at the current rate if the supply reaches a critical level.

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