Teen Arrested after Entering Plymouth Home

A Plymouth teenager was arrested Sunday morning after entering a residence in the 300 Block of Plum Street.

Plymouth police say 19-year-old Edgar Herrera attempted to break open a window at the residence. Herrera made it to door and when the homeowner opened the door Herrera entered the residence, according to the report. Herrera then reportedly laid down on the owner’s couch and went to sleep. Police say the residents did not know Herrera. Continue reading

Culver Town Council Approves Increased Pay for Advanced Paramedics

The Culver Town Council approved an ordinance amendment that increases the hourly wage for a new advanced paramedic to a range from $10.00 to $15.50 an hour beginning Nov. 1.

EMS Director Kathy Hart thanked the council and noted that the increase will help attract advanced paramedics to the department. She said several applicants have turned away from the position after learning that the wages aren’t comparable to other area departments. This will allow Culver EMS to be more competitive when seeking applications. Continue reading

Bremen Town Attorney Working on Towing Ordinance Amendment

The town attorney representing the Town of Bremen will be drafting an amendment to the town’s towing ordinance for the Bremen Town Council to consider soon.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy told MAX 98.3 FM News that the town wants to bring towing fees in line to current rates. The current ordinance doesn’t cover costs necessary for the act of towing junk vehicles, another issue the town council is looking to enforce. The town is looking into leasing land in order to store junk vehicles as there are over 60 that have been impounded.

The town council hopes to see a draft of the amendment at a meeting in November.

City Building Renovation Project Moving Along

Plymouth City Building

The renovation project at the Plymouth City Building in its second month and things are progressing at a good pace, according to City Attorney Sean Surrisi who updated the Plymouth City Council on the progress last week.

“They’re still in the demolition phase,” reported Surrisi. “We’ve run into a couple of things. When you tear open an old building you run into things that you don’t anticipate. For the most part, we’re doing really well with the budget. They found some sort of unidentified well, or something, where they’re digging the elevator shaft. They brought the soil scientists back out and they examined it.” Continue reading

Culver Town Council Discusses Request from Southwest Conservancy District

The Culver Town Council discussed a request from Southwest Conservancy District Representative Kathy Clark to expand the district in order to hook up two properties to that sewer system.

The agreement that the district has allows 175 hookups to the system and 168 are already connected. One family has petitioned to connect to the line as their septic system has failed. The property is contiguous to the district’s system that runs along West Shore Drive. The family plans to combine two lots with one house and request an easement on one parcel to allow a lateral line through the vacant lot on West Shore Circle. Continue reading

Town of Bremen Working on Downtown Street Revitalization

The Town of Bremen is looking to improve the downtown area with a street revitalization project. That’s according to Director of Operations Trend Weldy.

“We’re applying for a planning grant to get that done through the State,” said Weldy. “We want to do downtown streets. There are three blocks downtown plus one going north and south of the downtown area where we want to do work. We want to rip out all of the sidewalks, replace the street lights, redo the street itself, put in new curbs and sidewalks, and all of that stuff.” Continue reading

Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee Visitor Center Relocation Discussed

The Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee Visitor Center may soon have a new place to call home.

Becca Pazin asked the Culver Town Council if she could move the visitor center office from the bank to the top floor of the Culver Beach Lodge. She noted that she only has a few items to move. The display of activities on a computer screen will be moved to the Culver Beach Lodge as well. A large, more permanent display will stay at the bank.

Continue reading

Plymouth Business Granted Two Parking Passes for Patients

Those visiting a dentist’s office in downtown Plymouth may not incur a parking violation if procedures take longer than what the parking ordinance allows.

Two hour parking is allotted for patrons who visit downtown area businesses, but a letter signed by Dr. Louis Plumlee asked the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety if passes could be issued to his patients who may need to stay at his office for an extended period of time. The request mentioned that some root canals and other dental operations may take two or three hours, depending on the nature of the visit. Continue reading

Bremen Town Council to Consider Property Annexation

The Bremen Town Council is considering annexing property into the city limits for an upcoming industrial expansion project.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy said the property is north of town between the U.S. 6 bypass and the town.

“There are about five parcels of property we’re talking about annexing and that’s coming up in the very near future,” said Weldy. “One of our big industrial companies has purchased some land there and we just want to incorporate all of that into the Town of Bremen.”

The town council is likely to have a proposed annexation agreement at a meeting in November.