Proposed J-Turn Intersection Public Hearing Set for Tuesday

Officials from the Indiana Department of Transportation are hosting a public hearing tomorrow (Tuesday) to hear opinions on the proposed J-turn intersection for U.S. 31 at State Road 10 and Dewey Street (17th Road) in Marshall County.

INDOT touts the intersection will enhance safety for traffic. The J-turn intersection would not allow a vehicle to turn left at a crossroad. Instead, the driver has to travel quite a distance in order to turn left, or the opposite direction, to go back past the crossroad to turn left again to the desired location.

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Bourbon Town Council Working to Clean up Properties

The Bourbon Town Council is working to clean up blighted properties.

According to Clerk-Treasurer Kimberly Berger, she received load hauling tickets showing debris removal on Sept. 7 and Sept. 8 and the old Shell station.

The town has been working with Karen Holm in cleaning up her properties. The council has an agreement in place with Holm in that she has until Nov. 15 to show progress.

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Consultant on Job Descriptions, Wages Discusses Information with Council

The Marshall County Council received information from a consultant on job descriptions and wages.

Kent Irwin explained how he and his colleagues at Waggoner, Irwin and Scheele prepare the job descriptions and determine wages for recommendations for the county. He is looking to assist the county in updating all of the job descriptions for all positions in the county as a major overhaul has not been done since 1989. Several positions have a different set of duties and those descriptions need to be current.

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New EMS Service Setting up in Bremen

The new EMS service for the Town of Bremen is getting ready to begin operations.

Director of Operations Trend Weldy said Lutheran EMS was awarded the winning bid in August.

“Our new EMS service, Lutheran, came to town last week and I gave them keys to the building,” said Weldy. “They’re starting to move in all of their equipment and get it set up. They’re supposed to take over on Nov 1.” Continue reading

Fundraiser Created to Keep Culver Sign

The temporary giant Culver sign located on the pedestrian bridge in the Culver Town Park can stay there on a permanent basis with the community’s help.

The Town of Culver began a “Creating Stellar Places” fundraiser where donors can win prizes for donating any denomination to retain the Culver sign . For example, the first 15 donors will receive a “Stellar Town Year Round” yard sign. Other donors could receive a Culver t-shirt, and a chance to be fire chief or police chief for a day in Culver.

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Plymouth Man Dies in Accident

A three-vehicle accident at a busy intersection in Plymouth claimed the life of a Plymouth man.

According to information from the Plymouth Police Department, Samuel Bondranko, 54, of Vale, Virginia, was traveling east on U.S. 30 approaching Oak Drive when he turned his focus to a semi turning onto U.S. 30. The traffic signal had changed and Bondranko reportedly told police that he did not see that it had turned red in his lane of traffic. Police say Bondranko entered the intersection and collided with a car driven by Richard Kunkle, of Plymouth who was traveling south on Oak Dr. Bondranko also struck a vehicle driven by Timothy Evans, of Valparaiso, who was attempting to onto U.S. 30 from Oak Dr.

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Jail Fight Injures Officer

Zachary Cowger

Charges are expected to be filed against inmates who were reportedly in a fight in the Marshall County Jail Wednesday night.

Officers from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and the Plymouth Police Department and Plymouth EMS were called to the jail as a fight broke in a cell block. Police say before assistance arrived jail officers on duty successfully locked down all of the inmates in the cell block where it had occurred.

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Bourbon Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Holds Open House

The Bourbon Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee held an open house last night to gather public opinion on the proposed Envision Bourbon 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

The plan covers several elements including population, housing and neighborhood conditions, economy and labor force trends, land use, roads and utilities infrastructure, public facilities, and protection of natural and cultural resources.

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Plymouth Airport Manager Addresses Hazard Regarding Geese

Plymouth Airport Manager Bill Sheley asked the city council this week for an exception in its firearm laws in order to address the hazards geese pose at the airport.

He noted that the birds cause a serious danger to aircraft due to the possibility of a mid-air collision. Sheley said the airport has maintained a federal migratory bird depredation permit for several years. The permit allows the airport manager to eliminate the threat of geese. Sheley said he is unable to take any geese as the airport is in the city limits and there is an ordinance regulating the discharge of firearms in the city limits.

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EMA Director Requests Additional Appropriation

Marshall County EMA Director Clyde Avery asked the county council for an additional appropriation to pay for the contractor who helped with updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Avery explained that the contract is for $16,656.06. The invoice will be paid and Avery said he will submit the necessary paperwork to the Department of Homeland Security for reimbursement. The plan is renewable every five years. Continue reading

Culver Town Council Accepts Street Deed of Dedication

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist presented the town council this week with a deed of dedication for the streets for the Sandhill Farm workforce development housing project.

The proposed housing project will be constructed on W. Jefferson Street. The streets in the project may be extended as needed. The housing development will include 24 apartment units. It is part of the town’s Stellar Communities Designation Program application.

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Two Injured in Plymouth Accident

Two drivers were injured in a semi and passenger car accident at the intersection of U.S. 30 and Oak Road late Wednesday night.

When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they found a passenger car driven by Jade N. Sorba, 23, of Monterey, on the north side embankment on U.S. 30. Police say a semi driven by Foster Providence, 68, of Brooklyn, New York, was in an empty field east of Arby’s.

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Urban Chicken Ownership Request Submitted to Plymouth City Council

The Plymouth City Council received a request to allow urban chickens on properties within the city limits.

The current city ordinance prohibits chickens in city limits.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said there were some property owners years ago who housed chickens on their property and the ordinance had to be enforced. It was then when a similar request came before the council, but several residents complained about having them in the city.

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