Discover Argos 12 Days of Christmas Contest

Local businesses in the newly founded Discover Argos collaborative will be hosting a unique holiday contest in the near future.

On Saturday, December 9th participating businesses will begin handing out “passport cards” according to committee chairperson Judy Richards, the owner of the business Timeless Treasures.

She said each business will have a hidden theme related to the 12 days of Christmas. For example, one store will be given the theme of a partridge in a pear tree, another will have five golden rings, and so on and so forth. Customers will have to locate the theme in each store and get their card stamped. Continue reading

Argos Town Council Members Receive Presentation About Local Business Group ‘Discover Argos’

Local business owner Judy Richards came before the Argos Town Council last month, seeking permission to utilize the town’s name in the title a local business group.

Richards explained that group would be called Discover Argos and would work to benefit local businesses, while simultaneously assisting the town as a whole.

“We spoke with the Town Council about why we needed this committee which was because it will benefit Argos by creating more jobs, more housing, downtown improvements, more events for the local residents to go to which will in turn mean less travel for local residents.” She explained, “It will benefit our business owners because that means more visitors to Argos.” Continue reading

Argos Town Council Continues Conversation Over Development at Colonial Estates

Argos officials continue to seek ways to spur development in the town. Back in April, the town approved the purchase of Colonial Estates for residential development.

When the Argos Town Council members met in mid-November, they continued their discussion with Attorney Derek Jones about options for potential housing development and infrastructure installation in the area.

Jones explained that right now, town representatives are still in the preliminary stages of planning, “Colonial Estates has some vacant lots that are owned by the Argos Redevelopment Commission and there’s basically just an interest from the Redevelopment Commission’s perspective and I guess the town council as well, to get some housing going out there.” Continue reading

Argos Town Council Continues to Seek Members for Various Board Positions

When Argos Town Council members met earlier this month, they discussed available openings in the Marshall County Tourism Board, the Plan Commission, the Park Board and the Redevelopment Commission.

According to the draft minutes provided, one person submitted a letter of interest for the park board. Town council members agreed to wait another 30 days from when they met on November 15th, to see if any more individuals apply for the open positions. Continue reading

Architect Provides Report to Argos School Board Following Recent Site and Building Review

Last Monday, the Argos School Board received a report from architect Greg Drennan of LWC, Inc following a recent building and site review.

Drennan and representatives from the architecture firm recently conducted a walk thru and assessment of the school’s facility. Drennan reported that while looking at the general condition of the building and sites, there were no major issues found.  Continue reading

Argos Schools and Argos Teacher Recognized for the Recent Nominations

At the Argos School Board meeting last week some faculty members were recognized for their recent accomplishments.

Superintendent Ned Speicher recognized and congratulated the Jr./Sr. High School principal Nick Medich for the nomination for school of the year through the Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program for Indiana (AP-TIP IN), offered by the University of Notre Dame. Jon Arndt was also congratulated by the superintendent for his AP-TIP IN nomination for teacher of the year. Continue reading

Argos School Board Votes to Move Forward With Argos Academy Plan

Argos Superintendent Ned Speicher approached the school board this week with a proposal to use the former administration building for an educational resource center, according to draft minutes of their Monday night meeting.

Superintendent Speicher told board members that Argos Academy would be able to serve the educational needs of students who have been expelled from Argos Schools. He said the facility could also be a place for students who would benefit from a smaller learning environment that would help them develop skills that could help them adjust to the larger classroom setting. Continue reading

Culver Superintendent’s Report Includes Proposed Programs for Students Young and Old

The report delivered by Superintendent Karen Shuman at the Culver School Board meeting Monday night contained some proposed programs for both older and younger students in the Culver community.

Shuman told the board about potential teen programs they are looking into with the assistance of a local group of community members. She said that with programs specifically targeted at teenagers, they are hoping to bridge the gap between Culver Community students, surrounding community schools’ students and students from Culver Academy. The potential program has been entitled ‘Teen Canteen’ and would provide certain activities for teen students to do on Friday and Saturday nights.

For younger community members, Shuman said the school corporation is looking into becoming an On-My-Way Pre-K school. Though they currently have some programs in place, they are looking to move those to their school corporation to help service parents more locally. Continue reading

Argos Comprehensive Plan Looks to Balance Growth with Small-Town Values

The Town of Argos hopes to fix dilapidated buildings, promote active transportation, and revitalize its downtown, all while maintaining its small-town values over the next decade. The town is putting the finishing touches on its 2030 Comprehensive Plan. It focuses on four core values: encouraging balanced growth, promoting economic prosperity and vitality, enhanced quality of life, and expanding transportation choices. Continue reading

Argos Officials Unveil Marketing Video

argos-logoA Marshall County community hopes a video showcasing its attributes will help grow its population. The short promotional video for the Town of Argos was produced by Mishawaka-based Big Idea Company. It’s part of an ongoing effort to attract residents. It touts the bedroom community’s safe, family-friendly atmosphere, quality school system and access to transportation infrastructure. Continue reading

Marshall County Council Denies Broadband Funding for Argos

Marshall County Council
Marshall County Council

The Marshall County Council has declined to help fund greater access to broadband in the Town of Argos.

Last week, Jim Burroughs, the Town’s Utility, Park, and Street Superintendent appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners to request assistance for the project. Argos has been working for some time on a three-phase project that will bring greater access to broadband to homes and businesses.
Continue reading

Education Funding Efforts Ramp Up in Argos

educationAn Argos-based group is hoping to influence public opinion to support a tax increase for local schools this May.

The Taxpayers for Argos Schools and Kids (TASK) group plans several public events to help raise awareness of the budget difficulties faced by the Argos Community School Corporation. Argos is no different than many other school corporations, where reductions in student population translate to a reduction in funding.

Continue reading