Marshall County Council Approves Appropriation for Community Crossings

The Marshall County Council members voted to appropriate money toward the Beech Road paving project as a Community Crossings project.

E&B Paving worked on resurfacing Beech Road from U.S. 6 to 3B Road last year. The project was included in the 2017 projects to be done in 2018, but the project was complete in 2017 as Highway Supervisor Jason Peters preferred that work to be done as soon as possible.

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Two Marshall County Community Crossings Bids Approved

Bids were opened Monday morning for the three projects awarded Community Crossings grant funds for Marshall County.

After the bids were opened, the Marshall County Commissioners, Highway Administrator Laurie Baker and Highway Supervisor Jason Peters learned that the $518,322.87 grant along with the $129,580.72 match for the grant will only cover two projects. The grant plus the match will total $647,903.59 and the lowest bids for the two projects that would be the biggest priority will total $642,626.25.

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Concrete Portion of Microsurfacing Project in Plymouth Nearly Complete

The removal and replacement of concrete as part of the microsurfacing project in Plymouth will be done on Monday or Tuesday. According to Pavement Solutions, Inc. Owner Chris Oakes, E&B Paving is on schedule with this part of the project.

Existing pavement markings will be removed and replaced with temporary paint markings. That process will begin on Monday, June 5. Work will be done by Traffic Control Specialists of Knox on Oak Street from U.S. 30 to State Road 17, Jefferson Street from west of the Oak Street intersection to 5th Street, and Oakhill Avenue from South Michigan Street to city limits.

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