John Glenn School Board Approves Textbooks for Urey Middle School

The John Glenn School Board approved the purchase of textbooks for Urey Middle School students to be used in addition to the use of Chromebooks in the One-to-One initiative.

Urey Middle School Principal Mark Maudlin said textbooks have not been purchased in the past six years, but he said having the textbook and a digital textbook assists students in achieving their learning goals. Science will be the only subject that will be a digital learning tool only.

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John Glenn School Board Approved Technology Proposal

The John Glenn School Board approved the bid for Chromebooks for the students in the One-to-One computer initiative.

In the corporation’s program, freshmen get their computer and it is theirs through the duration of their high school career. Seniors turn in their Chromebook at the end of the school year, or they can purchase them at a discounted rate. Seventh grade students use their computer for two years.

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