Renovations Underway at Plymouth City Building

Plymouth City Building

Michiana Contracting crews continue to work on demolishing the inside of the Plymouth City Building to make way for improvements inside the structure.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi previously explained that renovations will be made to the clerk-treasurer’s office to improve customer relations and staff productivity. The city purchased the adjacent chamber of commerce building and crews will remodel the second floor to accommodate an expansion of room for the city council chambers and conference space. In the same project, the mayor’s office and his assistant’s office will be moved upstairs in the city building. An elevator and staircase will be added. Continue reading

Plymouth City Council Acts on Ordinance to Vacate Allen Street

An ordinance to vacate Allen Street came before the Plymouth City Council on second and third reading when they met Monday evening. City Attorney Sean Surrisi told council members that some changes were made to the ordinance since the first reading.

Surrisi said one revision was cleaning up a street referenced from the last vacation they did that was used as a starting point for this ordinance. He said the memorandum of understanding that will be signed by all involved parties was also revised.

The request to vacate Allen Street first arose during a city council meeting in October of last year. According to meeting minutes, owners of Milten Properties LLC, Dr. Tod Stillson and James Stone came before the council, requesting that Allen Street, which runs from Jefferson Street behind Dr. Stillson’s current office, be vacated and have ownership passed over to them since they were putting their own money into maintenance. Continue reading

Plymouth Redevelopment Commission Agrees to Commit Funds

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission committed to providing $40,000 worth of funding two different organizations when they met last week.

According to City Attorney Sean Surrisi, commission members agreed to recommit $30,000 to the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation. The same amount of funding was committed to the Marshall County EDC last year. Continue reading

Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety & Plymouth City Council Meetings Tonight

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety and the City Council meet tonight to discuss matters impacting the community. The Board of Public Works and Safety meeting will start first at 6 p.m.

Agenda items include a request from the utility superintendent about a water main extension at State Road 17 and W. Lake Avenue as well as an executive order from the city attorney regarding 408 Pierce Street.

Other requests consist of the Chamber of Commerce seeking permission to continue with downtown trick-or-treating this year and a temporary street closing by John Montgomery. The Mayor’s Youth Council will provide a request about the “Adopt a Street” project.

The City Council will convene at 6:30 p.m. or immediately following the adjournment of the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. Continue reading

Demolition Starts at River Gate South Apartment Development Site

Demolition has begun on the River Gate South Apartment Development in Plymouth and City Attorney Sean Surrisi said construction will start soon. Surissi was one of the key players in getting this project off the ground by collaborating with members of the community and Regional Cities Initiative, which awarded $1.5 million of funding for the development. Continue reading

New Project Elements Revealed During Plymouth Redevelopment Commission Meeting

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission provided a financial and structural overview of the Aquatic Center Project that will be built adjacent to the LifePlex when they met earlier this week. City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained that while 2.2 million dollars of grant money received through the Regional Cities Initiative will be used for the Aquatic Center, new funds have become available that will allow for more structures to be constructed with this project. Continue reading

Plymouth City Building Renovations Could be Completed Sooner than Scheduled

Updates about ongoing projects were provided at the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission meeting earlier this week. According to City Attorney Sean Surrisi, construction at the Plymouth City Building could be finished sooner than the proposed completion date.

Initially, the contract called for the renovations to be complete by June 29th 2018. Due to some changes in how construction is being conducted, that date could move up to late May or early June.

Surrisi explained that when the contract was drawn up, it was understood that contractors would have to work around the mayor and clerk-treasurer who planned to stay in the building during renovations. However, since the city rented the space at 118 N Michigan Street, contractors will no longer need to work around city employees.   Continue reading

City Attorney Updates Council on City Building Renovation Project

Plymouth City Building

Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi updated the city council members this week on the progress of the renovations of the city building and the chamber of commerce building.

Bids were opened during the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission meeting last week. The lowest bid was submitted by Michiana Contracting for a total of $2,198,700.

Continue reading

Plymouth Redevelopment Commission Opens City Building Renovation Bids

Plymouth City Building

Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi opened three bids for the proposed city renovation project during the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission meeting Tuesday night.

Ziolkowski Construction, Inc. out of South Bend turned in a total base bid of $2,728,000 while Gibson Lewis, LLC out of Mishawaka submitted a bid of $2,654,100. The last bid opened was from Michiana Contracting, Inc. in Plymouth in the amount of $2,198,700.

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Plymouth Officials Report Increasing Success in Collecting EMS Bills

The Plymouth Board of Works voted this week to declare some EMS bills from 2012 delinquent and uncollectible, but one member wondered if there’s more the city can do to collect outstanding bills in the future. Jeff Houin noted that some people need a bit more motivation than collection letters and phone calls, before they’ll pay their bills. Continue reading