Marshall County Commissioners Receive Bridge Construction Updates

Marshall County Highway Administrator Laurie Baker presented the commissioners with a contract between the county and DLZ concerning the Hickory Road bridge. The contract includes the construction inspection of the bridge and the off-site wetland mitigation. The commissioners did approve a contract with DLZ Engineering not to exceed $186,360.

Laurie Johnson from DLZ provided an update on the pre-construction on the Hickory Road Bridge project.

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Marshall County Bridge Projects Moving Along

One Marshall County bridge is almost complete while another is in the design phase.

Ben Beer from USI Consultants told the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday that Bridge #174, or Apple Road Bridge, is nearly complete.

“They should have everything completed this week,” said Beer. “They’re paving and putting up guardrail and seeding and then they’ll be out of there. There are no change orders. Everything was within budget.”

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners will discuss the construction of a multi-purpose building at the Marshall County Fairgrounds in Argos when they meet this morning.

Shannon McLeod will be before the governing body to discuss the project spearheaded by the Marshall County 4-H Fair Association. The association was applying for an OCRA grant in the amount of $500,000 to assist in the construction of the building that the members hope will host many functions including wedding receptions, meetings and other community-type gatherings. The county will act as a pass-through vehicle for the purpose of obtaining the grant. County Attorney Jim Clevenger will present a memorandum of understanding between the county and the association that states that the county is not financially liable for this project.

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Marshall County Commissioners Receive Bridge 81 Update

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners received an update on the plans for the Bridge 81, or Hickory Road, project.

Laurie Johnson from DLZ reminded the commissioners that the wetland mitigation documents will be presented to them at their next meeting for approval. The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the paperwork at their last meeting that allows the county to maintain the grounds for ten years and then it will go back into the possession of the city.

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Plymouth City Council Discusses Wetland Mitigation Easement

The Plymouth City Council received paperwork concerning Marshall County’s wetland mitigation project and easement. The plan has also been presented to the Plymouth Park Board for approval.

The wetlands area is located at the end of Plum Street and Walnut by the river. The area is part of the county’s Hickory Road bridge project.

Steve Knies from DLZ said the plan includes the planting of trees along with shrubs native to that area. The plan includes a list of over 1,000 native grasses and other vegetation that is included there.

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Apple Road Closed for Bridge Work

Apple Road in Marshall County is closed so crews can demolish the Apple Road bridge.

LaPorte Construction is doing the bridge work. The commissioners approved a bid from the company in March in the amount of $274,774.68 to replace the bridge.

Bridge #174, or Apple Road bridge, is on Apple Road over the Yellow Creek, north of State Road 25 before the railroad tracks. Workers have a 75-day window in which to complete the project.

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Bridge 81 Construction Bid Letting Delayed

The work on getting paperwork done for the upcoming bridge replacement project on Hickory Road continues with various reports conducted by engineering firm DLZ.

Laurie Johnson from DLZ told the Marshall County Commissioners this week that the archaeological report is complete and approved by INDOT and no project impediments have been identified on the grounds. Title work for the mitigation site has been received and the permit for waterway construction will be reviewed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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