Plymouth City Council Discusses Wetland Mitigation Easement

The Plymouth City Council received paperwork concerning Marshall County’s wetland mitigation project and easement. The plan has also been presented to the Plymouth Park Board for approval.

The wetlands area is located at the end of Plum Street and Walnut by the river. The area is part of the county’s Hickory Road bridge project.

Steve Knies from DLZ said the plan includes the planting of trees along with shrubs native to that area. The plan includes a list of over 1,000 native grasses and other vegetation that is included there.

Long-range plans could include the expansion of the Greenway Trail at this particular point. Regardless, it will serve as a nature area.

According to the mitigation and conservation easement paperwork presented to the city council this week, the county will be responsible for the wetland site for 10 years and then it will be turned over to the city for maintenance.

The council members unanimously approved the action which allows Mayor Mark Senter to sign the paperwork to continue with the project.