Apple Road Closed for Bridge Work

Apple Road in Marshall County is closed so crews can demolish the Apple Road bridge.

LaPorte Construction is doing the bridge work. The commissioners approved a bid from the company in March in the amount of $274,774.68 to replace the bridge.

Bridge #174, or Apple Road bridge, is on Apple Road over the Yellow Creek, north of State Road 25 before the railroad tracks. Workers have a 75-day window in which to complete the project.

Another upcoming county bridge replacement project is on Hickory Road, or Bridge #81. Laurie Johnson from DLZ reported to the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning that the company submitted a design exception request to INDOT for super elevation. She explained that the stopping site distance for 55 mph isn’t sufficient.

“It’s part of their open roads policy in order to get some of these costs to do infrastructure projects a little bit less because a 55 mph-designed speed would have extended the project by hundreds of feet. It would have been a lot more expensive and gotten into the intersection and that sort of thing.”

She said once the project is nearing completion next year, a request to lower the speed limit to 45 mph will be brought before the board.

Bids for the Hickory Road bridge project will be let in February.