Speed Limit Ordinances Nearly Complete

The Marshall County Commissioners will be reviewing two speed limit ordinances at their upcoming November meeting.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger told the commissioners this week that he’s still working on an ordinance that would reduce the speed limit on 10B Road adjacent to Ancilla College. It was suggested to lower the speed limit to 35 mph on that road for the safety of students who walk along the road by the Lake House. Clevenger is still researching the distance to include in the ordinance.

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Marshall County Commissioners Receive Preliminary Bridge Plan

The Marshall County Commissioners received a preliminary comprehensive bridge management plan Monday morning from Ben Beer, Business Development for USI Consultants.

“This is really in conjunction with what is now required by INDOT and LTAP. They have a Bridge Asset Management Plan. This is kind of used to support that document, but now if you want to go for Community Crossings money or other grant money every LPA county has to have a Bridge Asset Management Plan,” said Beer. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners Approve Brownfield Coalition

More Brownfield grants will be sought after for properties in the Marshall County area, but the entity going after the grant will be the Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG).

A brownfield is a property previously used for industrial purposes or some commercial uses. It may have been contaminated with hazardous waste and the Brownfield Grant helped assess those properties and plan clean up strategies.

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Two Marshall County Community Crossings Bids Approved

Bids were opened Monday morning for the three projects awarded Community Crossings grant funds for Marshall County.

After the bids were opened, the Marshall County Commissioners, Highway Administrator Laurie Baker and Highway Supervisor Jason Peters learned that the $518,322.87 grant along with the $129,580.72 match for the grant will only cover two projects. The grant plus the match will total $647,903.59 and the lowest bids for the two projects that would be the biggest priority will total $642,626.25.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners will open bids for road construction and resurfacing when they meet this morning. The bids will be for the projects that were awarded Community Crossings grant funding.

The commissioners will also hear an update from the highway department and get an update on the 2018 United Way campaign from Brenda Harper. Ralph Booker will discuss the Brownfield Grant application and County Attorney Jim Clevenger will have a report on various items. Continue reading

Marshall County Auction Date Set

Marshall County Highway Administrator Laurie Baker informed the county commissioners this week about the county auction.

Baker said the auction will be Friday, Oct. 27 at 12:30 p.m. and will be handled by Ball Auction Service.

“We will need a commissioner representative there because we do have reserves on some of our equipment,” explained Baker. “We’ll need someone to yay or nay that day.” Continue reading

Apple Road Bridge Project Complete

The Marshall County Commissioners and highway department personnel did a final walk through of the Apple Road bridge project Tuesday afternoon. Highway Administrator Laurie Baker told the commissioners Monday that this will close out the project.

“Once all of the bills are in on that I can do my closeout on last year’s Community Crossings,” said Baker. “A rough estimate – I think we’re going to be over about $212,000. I don’t have my final bills so don’t hold me to that. It looks like we’ll be returning a little bit over $100,000 back to INDOT. We’ll still have $100,000 to work with for next year’s match.”

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Active Shooter Training Scheduled for County Employees

The Marshall County Commissioners set a date for county employees to receive active shooter training.

The county building and courthouse will be closed on Friday, Dec. 1 from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. so all employees can be a part of the training. Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery will be coordinating the effort with law enforcement and department heads.

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Bourbon Property on Hold for Demolition

The demolition of a property in Bourbon unfit for human habitation may come down Oct. 1.

Marshall County Attorney James Clevenger told the county commissioners Monday morning that the bank placed a stay of demolition on the property that expired on Sept. 15. A motion to extend the stay another 45 days was filed in the court system, but the county quickly filed an objection stating that enough time has elapsed for work to be done. A judgment has not been filed in the case as of Wednesday, Sept. 20.

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Marshall County Commissioners Adopt Ordinance for LaPaz Property Rezoning Request

A public hearing was held on Monday concerning the rezoning of a property in LaPaz for the opportunity of economic development on a property located just north of U.S. 6 in LaPaz by the new interchange. The zoning classification would go from A-1 Agriculture to a C-2 Highway Commercial District zone.

Plan Director Ralph Booker explained to the Marshall County Commissioners that the rezoning would extend the highway business district in that area for economic development. No commitments were made as part of the zoning request, but six acres is available to improve economic development in the town. The state owns several other parcels in that area.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Money for Fire Monitoring System

Marshall County Maintenance Director Doug Masterson approached the commissioners Monday morning with an emergency situation with the fire monitoring system at the Marshall County Museum.

Masterson explained that the system failed on Thursday and needs to be replaced. He added that Marshall County Historical Society Museum Director Linda Rippy contacted the NoBi Corporation out of Elkhart to get a quote to replace the fire monitoring system. The company representative gave her an estimate of $5,935.

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J-Turns Not a Favorable Solution in Argos

Over 100 people attended a public hearing hosted by officials from the Indiana Department of Transportation Tuesday night at the Argos Junior/Senior High School to address the proposal of a J-turn intersection at U.S. 31 and State Road 10 in Argos.

Troyer Group Project Manager Chris Maidner presented statistics on why a J-turn would be a quicker, cheaper safety alternative at that intersection and provided an example of a J-turn intersection at State Road 114 and 41 in the Morocco area. Their statistics show a reduction in personal injury crashes anywhere from 50 to 100 percent. Studies by INDOT and the Troyer Group found that the J-turn intersections can be utilized by large semi-trucks, school buses, farm equipment, horse and buggies, and large trailers without issue. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners Adopt Solar Energy Systems Zoning Amendment

The Marshall County Commissioners adopted an amendment to the zoning ordinance concerning solar energy systems. According to the amendment, a solar energy system is a device that captures daylight for “interior lighting or provide for the collection, storage, or distribution of solar energy for space heating, space cooling, electricity generation, or water heating.”

Plan Director Ralph Booker explained that he and Building Commissioner Chuck DeWitt have gotten permit requests for solar energy systems in Bremen. There wasn’t much to the permitting process or the zoning requirement for the systems, but a public hearing was held Monday morning to set regulations.

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