Hickory Road Bridge Project Let for Bid

The Hickory Road Bridge project was let for bid on Wednesday. Laurie Johnson from DLZ told the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday that eight potential prime companies were set to bid the project.

In the meantime, Johnson said trees will need to be removed to make way for the project.

“We were on site last week to stake the right-of-way in preparation for the clearing,” said Johnson. “We’re going to work closely with Jason (Peters, Highway Supervisor) to make sure those trees are dropped by April 1st. What we’re kind of hoping is that the contractor is going to have that obligation. Once the project is awarded, hopefully early next week, we’re going to work with Jason and Marshall County to make sure we get your match money in to get a notice to proceed as soon as possible.”

If there is a delay in the notice, the county may be responsible for taking down the trees and that could delay the project.

Hickory Road Bridge, or Bridge No. 81, is on Hickory Road, north of 8th Road on the Center and Bourbon Township line.