Bridge 81 Construction Bid Letting Delayed

The work on getting paperwork done for the upcoming bridge replacement project on Hickory Road continues with various reports conducted by engineering firm DLZ.

Laurie Johnson from DLZ told the Marshall County Commissioners this week that the archaeological report is complete and approved by INDOT and no project impediments have been identified on the grounds. Title work for the mitigation site has been received and the permit for waterway construction will be reviewed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

The wetland mitigation plan is complete.

Johnson said the project letting date has been delayed.

“We decided to do that proactively because once they said we had to do a second NEPA for the wetland mitigation site we thought that was going to take a little bit of extra time,” explained Johnson. “We didn’t want to risk losing that date. If we lost the date in December, then we could be at risk of moving out to March or even further. We took that February letting date because it will help us with the tree clearing.”

Hickory Road Bridge, or Bridge #81, is on Hickory Road, north of 8th Road on the Center and Bourbon Township line.

Construction should begin and be complete next year.