Culver Town Council Gets “Stellar” News

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist delivered some “stellar” news Tuesday night to the town council members pertaining to funding for projects within the town’s designation as a Stellar Community.

“We had our first meeting with the grant administrative staff from the state and found out for our Community Development Block Grant funding through OCRA that they basically set aside $2 million for us,” said Leist. “A lot of that we’ll use at the Culver Beach Lodge and Cavalier Sports Park. That is a significant chunk of change that won’t require a local match at all. It’s very good news!”

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Culver Stellarbration Set for Nov. 8

The state recognition of the Stellar Communities Designation Program designees is set for today from 10 a.m. to noon ET in Indianapolis. Officials from the Town of Culver and the City of Madison will attend today’s festivities as a Stellarbration of becoming stellar communities.

Culver’s local Stellarbration will be held Wednesday, Nov. 8 at the Culver Beach Lodge. Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the Culver Town Council Tuesday night that Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch will attend the local event that begins at 3 p.m. with an open house from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET. The public is invited to attend.

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Town of Culver Awarded All Requested Community Crossings Funding

Culver Town Manger Jonathan Leist informed the board last week that the town is one of the few communities in the area who received all the Community Crossings grant funds they requested this year. He said the $206,000 received will go a long way to assist with projects they have in the works.

Leist mentioned that work on College Avenue, parts of Jefferson Street and the entrance at the Sand Hill Farm are the three priority projects. He told council members that in their grant proposal they utilized estimates that came from E&B paving. However, since those numbers were calculated several months ago, Utility Superintendent Bob Porter is looking into quotes. Leist said he is expected to present those quotes at the next town council meeting. Continue reading

Culver Town Council Receives Stellar Update as Site Visit Approaches

Town administrators and community members in Culver have been preparing for the upcoming Stellar Communities Designation Program site visit. On Wednesday evening, the Culver Town Council received an update about what has happened so far and what is yet to come.

Culver is one of three finalists in District 2 of the program, competing to be designated as a Stellar Community. In an effort to ensure they are aptly prepared, the Stellar Committee has been meeting on Tuesdays during the month of September. The night before the town council meeting, the committee met and did a practice run for the site visit. Continue reading

Economic Growth Anticipated As a Result of Resolution Approval from Culver Town Council

An area in Culver known commonly as “Sand Hill Farms” located at 540 W Jefferson Street received economic revitalization area and economic target area status as a result of a resolution passed by the Culver City Council Wednesday night.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained that the recently created Culver Economic Development Commission is permitted to grant tax abatement for residential property under state law. Earlier this week, the Culver EDC met for the first time and passed a resolution recommending that the city council classify this entire parcel on Jefferson Street as both an economic revitalization area and an economic target area to allow for future residential tax abatement.

Leist added that the approval of this resolution would only grant abatement on phase one, on the personal property investment of approximately $2.7 million that is listed in section one of the resolution. He said if they receive any applications for future tax abatements, the whole process would need to be completed again. Continue reading

Newly Formed Culver Economic Development Commission to Meet Tonight

The Culver Economic Development Commission will meet tonight.

The three members, Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist, Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and Don Fox, will organize and consider an ordinance for a residential tax abatement for the Sand Hill Farms workforce development housing project. The proposed format of the tax abatement will also be discussed.

The Culver Economic Development Commission will meet at 6:30 p.m. ET tonight at the Culver Town Hall.

Culver Town Council Accepts Street Deed of Dedication

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist presented the town council this week with a deed of dedication for the streets for the Sandhill Farm workforce development housing project.

The proposed housing project will be constructed on W. Jefferson Street. The streets in the project may be extended as needed. The housing development will include 24 apartment units. It is part of the town’s Stellar Communities Designation Program application.

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Culver Town Council Establishes Economic Development Commission

The Culver Town Council approved the formation of the Culver Economic Development Commission.

A public hearing on the matter was held Tuesday night where a question about the purpose of the commission was raised. Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe explained that the commission would be able to deem a residential project eligible for tax abatement. She further explained that a residential tax abatement differs from a commercial tax abatement, but the financial incentive is the same. A recommendation for a residential tax abatement has to be presented by the commission to the town council for approval.

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Marshall County Council to Meet Today

The Marshall County Council will meet this morning with a full agenda. The council members will discuss all of the line items in the 2018 budget in a hearing after their regular business meeting.

James Bend and James Pheibush will have a funding request for care of inmate patients while Sheriff Matt Hassel and Annette Osborn from WIC will request a waiver for a 90-day probationary pay. EMA Director Clyde Avery will present an additional request for a mitigation plan update with the EMA Performance Grant and the personnel committee members will discuss updates to several positions. Continue reading

Lake Maxinkuckee Amphitheater Plans Moving Forward

Now that most of the funds for the Lake Maxinkuckee Amphitheater have been gathered, officials can move forward with making the plan a reality.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the town council last week that the plans for the construction phase of the project will be presented this week. Construction may begin in October of this year and be complete in April of 2018.

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Stellar Fest this Saturday in Culver

The Town of Culver is hosting a Stellar Fest this Saturday at the Culver Town Park from 10 a.m. to noon ET.

A lot of activities are packed into this two-hour event. Town Manager Jonathan Leist said Main Street designation recognition is right at the beginning of the event. Kids crafts will be offered as well as a “Choose Culver” board where residents can write down what they love about Culver. Leist added that a mock-up of a new Culver sign will be revealed and a new town logo. Stop by the Culver Farmer’s Market during the event and shop for locally grown products.

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Stellar Communities Designation Program Finalists Announced

The finalists for the 2017 Stellar Communities Designation Program were announced early Thursday morning.

The Town of Culver was selected a finalist for the second consecutive year. Finalist communities are divided into two different categories based on population for the designation award. Culver will be placed into Division 2 which is for communities that have a population of 5,999 or less. Culver will compete against the Town of Churubusco in Whitley County and the City of Union City in Randolph County.

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Culver School Board Receives Update on Stellar Communities Project

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist presented an update on the Stellar Communities application to the Culver Community School Board that involves school grounds.

Improvements on a field behind the corporation office and improvements at the baseball fields are included in this year’s application. Leist said site control and which entity would be in charge of funding was brought up in last year’s process. Leist said he thinks he has found a solution and brought the idea to Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell.

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Culver Town Council to Hear Public Input on Housing Project

The Culver Town Council will be opening up a public input session for discussion of the Sand Hill Farms workforce housing development project.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained that the project has been in the town’s comprehensive plan since the plan’s adoption in 2014. The lack of housing was identified as one of the main issues in the plan. Leist said a committee was formed to look into the project.

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Communities Scrambling to Maintain Restrictions on Small Cell Towers

Indiana communities are worried cell towers could start popping up without their permission, under a measure recently passed by the state legislature, unless they take action by this Sunday. Now, municipalities around the state are scrambling to meet the deadline. The North Judson Town Council will meet in special session this morning at 7:30, while the Culver Town Council met yesterday afternoon. Continue reading

Culver Stellar Communities Committee Looks at Projects for Application

The Culver Stellar Communities Committee is working on several projects that are categorized as lighter, quicker and cheaper as required in this year’s application process.

The town is applying for the opportunity to have the distinction of being a Stellar Community and receive funding to complete a plan for community and economic development projects.

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