Commissioners Sign Contract for North Michigan Street Paving Project

Marshall County Supervisor Jason Peters presented a contract with Walsh and Kelly to the Marshall County Commissioners for a paving project on North Michigan Street in Plymouth.

Peters reminded the commissioners that three projects were awarded Community Crossings funds but when the bids came back the county could only fund two projects with the grant money. Those projects included Beech Road from U.S. 6 to 3B Road and South Michigan Street from Dewey Street to State Road 110.

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Marshall County Council Approves Appropriation for Community Crossings

The Marshall County Council members voted to appropriate money toward the Beech Road paving project as a Community Crossings project.

E&B Paving worked on resurfacing Beech Road from U.S. 6 to 3B Road last year. The project was included in the 2017 projects to be done in 2018, but the project was complete in 2017 as Highway Supervisor Jason Peters preferred that work to be done as soon as possible.

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Culver Town Council Approves Grant Fund Appropriations

The Culver Town Council members discussed grant funds that were appropriated during the year at their meeting this week.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim commented that the town was fortunate to receive several grants in 2017 that weren’t recognized in the budget. She recommended that the list be available to inform the public of all funds awarded and spent, and on the record for the Department of Local Government Finance.

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Marshall County Council Discusses Highway Department Request

Marshall County Highway Supervisor Jason Peters and Commissioner Kurt Garner went before the county council Monday morning to request funds to complete funding for three Community Crossings grant projects.

Three projects were approved for funding, but with the way the bidding numbers came in only two projects could be fully funded. The highway department is seeking funding for a third project to be funded solely by the county council. Continue reading

Marshall County Highway Supervisor Presents 2018 Road Program

Marshall County Highway Supervisor Jason Peters presented the proposed 2018 road program to the commissioners on Monday morning.

Commissioner Mike Delp asked Peters if there are plans to grind up more roads next year.

“Winter can determine a lot of that come March or April when things start falling out,” said Peters. “At that point, we’ll review a lot of our roads – if we’re going to grind them and put them back. I’m sure there will be a few.” Continue reading

Two Marshall County Community Crossings Bids Approved

Bids were opened Monday morning for the three projects awarded Community Crossings grant funds for Marshall County.

After the bids were opened, the Marshall County Commissioners, Highway Administrator Laurie Baker and Highway Supervisor Jason Peters learned that the $518,322.87 grant along with the $129,580.72 match for the grant will only cover two projects. The grant plus the match will total $647,903.59 and the lowest bids for the two projects that would be the biggest priority will total $642,626.25.

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Apple Road Bridge Project Complete

The Marshall County Commissioners and highway department personnel did a final walk through of the Apple Road bridge project Tuesday afternoon. Highway Administrator Laurie Baker told the commissioners Monday that this will close out the project.

“Once all of the bills are in on that I can do my closeout on last year’s Community Crossings,” said Baker. “A rough estimate – I think we’re going to be over about $212,000. I don’t have my final bills so don’t hold me to that. It looks like we’ll be returning a little bit over $100,000 back to INDOT. We’ll still have $100,000 to work with for next year’s match.”

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Marshall County Council Approves Community Crossings Funding Arrangements

road-stripingThe Marshall County Council made some funding arrangements Monday for the county’s Community Crossings projects, but lowered the cushion for potential cost overruns in the process. The state Community Crossings program provides a 50-50 match for road projects. Back in August, Marshall County was awarded a $1 million grant, the maximum available through the program. Continue reading