Plymouth Man Arrested after Accident

A Plymouth man was taken into custody Wednesday night after reportedly driving under the influence and causing an accident.

According to Plymouth police, Dustin Bradfield, 28, lost control of his vehicle and drove into the side of another vehicle at the entrance of Centennial Park. Police reportedly found that Bradfield was intoxicated at the time of the accident and tested three times the legal limit.

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Marshall County Humane Society’s Bark in the Park Fundraiser

The Marshall County Humane Society is encouraging community members to bring their furry, four legged friends down to Centennial Park on October 1st for Bark in the Park. This annual event for dogs and their owners is an afternoon full of activities and contests where funds are raised to assist MCHS with operational costs.

Marshall County Humane Society Director Nancy Cox said that money raised by events like Bark in the Park assist the Humane Society in some major ways.  Continue reading

Tread in the Shed: Environmental Education Presentations and Walking Tour at Centennial Park

If you’re interested in learning about the environment and seeing what local conservation looks like, come out to Centennial Park today for the ‘Tread in the Shed’ event hosted by Marshall County Soil and Water Conservation District. The event will feature presentations about topics such as, habitats, predator birds, stream bank stabilization, water quality, the importance of watersheds and rain gardens.

The District Coordinator of Marshall County SWCD Debbie Palmer said he whole event will take about 2 hours, running from 10 a.m. to noon, and there are a few 15-20 minute presentations. She said that the walking tour will take place primarily in the shade, so the heat shouldn’t be an issue. Continue reading

Plymouth Council Formally Establishes Tennis Court Fund

The Centennial Park Tennis Court project took a big step forward this week. No comments were offered during a Monday night public hearing on the establishment of a dedicated fund for the project. The city has pledged $750,000 toward the construction of new tennis courts. Half of the money will come from the capital improvement fund and the other half from cumulative capital development. Continue reading