Bremen Downtown Revitalization Project Delayed

The downtown revitalization project which includes new streets, sidewalks, curbs and lighting for the Town of Bremen has been postponed.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy said the delay could be to the town’s advantage.

“With help from INDOT, they’re going to pay for a few more things that’s going to save us some extra money,” said Weldy. “They’ll pay for environmental studies and things like that that we won’t have to pay for. It’ll save us $20,000 to $30,000 or maybe a little more when it comes to that.”

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Bremen Moves Forward with Downtown Street Revitalization Project

The Bremen Town Council members approved action this week to move forward with work on an engineering survey and other work in the downtown area for the upcoming street revitalization project.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy said previously that INDOT has approved $1.2 million in grant funding to renovate the downtown area. Work is expected to be done to a few blocks in that section of town where curbs and sidewalks will be replaced, streets repaved and lighting updated.

Bremen Town Council Approves Insurance Policy

The Bremen Town Council members approved health insurance at their meeting Monday night.

According to Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy, the provider was able to lower deductibles for employee health insurance, but the monthly cost will increase “slightly”. He said it was a lengthy discussion, but gave the opinion that the town council made the best decision for coverage for the town employees.

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Town of Bremen Continues Work on Old Gas Station Property

Bremen town officials are continuing efforts to clean up the old Clark gas station at the corner of State Road 106 and State Road 331.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy said he signed a contract last week to have the old gas tanks extracted the first week of December. The canopy and the building at that location have been demolished. The area was deemed an eyesore for many years. Continue reading

Bremen Downtown Revitalization for Streets and Sidewalks Gets Green Light

The Bremen Town Council members learned this week that the Indiana Department of Transportation has green-lighted funding for a downtown revitalization effort in 2019.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy explained that INDOT originally pushed back the project until 2023 but found funding for the request for 2019 following a meeting between the entities. He said $1.2 million will be used to renovate the downtown area. He said the streets will be lowered with updates to sidewalks and lighting.

Bremen Town Attorney Working on Towing Ordinance Amendment

The town attorney representing the Town of Bremen will be drafting an amendment to the town’s towing ordinance for the Bremen Town Council to consider soon.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy told MAX 98.3 FM News that the town wants to bring towing fees in line to current rates. The current ordinance doesn’t cover costs necessary for the act of towing junk vehicles, another issue the town council is looking to enforce. The town is looking into leasing land in order to store junk vehicles as there are over 60 that have been impounded.

The town council hopes to see a draft of the amendment at a meeting in November.

Big Idea Company Gets to Work on Marshall County Promotional Effort

Marshall County officials are coming up with ways to promote the county to potential residents and those interested in relocating businesses. The county government and the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation have hired the Mishawaka-based Big Idea Company to lead a branding effort, according to Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy.

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Town of Bremen Working on Downtown Street Revitalization

The Town of Bremen is looking to improve the downtown area with a street revitalization project. That’s according to Director of Operations Trend Weldy.

“We’re applying for a planning grant to get that done through the State,” said Weldy. “We want to do downtown streets. There are three blocks downtown plus one going north and south of the downtown area where we want to do work. We want to rip out all of the sidewalks, replace the street lights, redo the street itself, put in new curbs and sidewalks, and all of that stuff.” Continue reading

Bremen Town Council to Consider Property Annexation

The Bremen Town Council is considering annexing property into the city limits for an upcoming industrial expansion project.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy said the property is north of town between the U.S. 6 bypass and the town.

“There are about five parcels of property we’re talking about annexing and that’s coming up in the very near future,” said Weldy. “One of our big industrial companies has purchased some land there and we just want to incorporate all of that into the Town of Bremen.”

The town council is likely to have a proposed annexation agreement at a meeting in November.

Bremen Town Council Discussing Updating Codes and Ordinances

The Bremen Town Council is contemplating codifying ordinances to bring them to current standards.

Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy said they are overdue for updating.

“Our ordinance books and our code books are so far behind it’s not funny – we’re talking like 1980s and 1970s stuff that we’re trying to update and do some things with.”

No decisions were made during the council meeting Tuesday night. More discussions will be held at the next meeting on Monday, Oct. 23.

Bremen Oktoberfest Begins Today

The three-day event that attracts people from all over to the Town of Bremen begins today.

Oktoberfest starts at 5 p.m. this evening with a choice of shopping at different vendor booths or feasting at over a dozen food vendors available during this event that continues Saturday and Sunday. Many craft ales will be available for tasting. Unique contests await Oktoberfest attendees including the longboard race Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m .and the soap box derby race at 4 p.m. The bed race gets underway Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. Oktoberfest concludes Sunday at 5 p.m. in downtown Bremen.

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