Nine Flu-Related Deaths Reported by Indiana Department of Health

The latest Weekly Influenza Report from the Indiana Department of Health shows that flu activity increased sharply in the final weeks of 2017, resulting in multiple flu-related deaths.

The report from December 21st stated that the influenza-like-illness (ILI) activity code was minimal with only 2 deaths reported. On the very next report from December 29th, the ILI activity code had been changed to high with a total of 9 deaths reported. Continue reading

Culver-Union Township Fire Chief Receives Firefighter Applications

Culver-Union Township Fire Chief Terry Wakefield told the town council members last week that he’s received three applications for firefighters.

The fire department has suffered from a dwindling roster of firefighters and Wakefield has been soliciting for applications from Culver or Union Township residents for the past year hoping to gather interest in training to be a firefighter.

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Individuals Urged to Join the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign

January is recognized as National Human Trafficking Prevention month and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security established “The Blue Campaign” back in 2010 to bring visibility to the prevalent, but often under reported and over looked, global issue.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, annually, millions of women, men and children are trafficked in countries around the world, including the United States. It is estimated that it’s a $32 billion per year industry that includes domestic servitude, sexual trafficking and forced labor. Continue reading

South Bend Man Arrested in Alleged Bremen Battery Incident

Justin Shonkwiler

A South Bend man was arrested on Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly battered two people at a residence in the 8,000 block of 5th Road in Bremen.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived at the scene and reportedly found that 39-year-old Justin M. Shonkwiler battered two people at the residence. Police say the homeowner shot a round from a handgun in order to scare Shonkwiler. The gun was allegedly aimed away from the suspect and others. Shonkwiler was not at the residence during the investigation.

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Marshall County Commissioners Reorganize, Discuss Mailbox Issue

The Marshall County Commissioners reorganized during their first meeting of 2018 Tuesday morning. Kevin Overmyer was reappointed as commission president while Kurt Garner was reappointed as Vice President.

Highway Supervisor Jason Peters presented a proposed policy to the commissioners regarding mailbox damage during plowing. Peters noted that the policy allows the highway department to repair or replace a mailbox if it is damaged as a result of direct contact of a highway department truck or equipment. However, if the mailbox or wooden post was broken due to the force of snow, it is “most likely” the highway department will not replace it.

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Culver Stellar Projects to Expand

Some projects within the Town of Culver’s Stellar Communities Designation program will expand thanks to additional Community Development Block Grant funding.

Culver Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe read a report into the record from Town Manager Jonathan Leist during last week’s meeting. Leist indicated that the Stellar Committee agreed to expand the Cavalier Sports Park project along with the Culver Beach Lodge renovation efforts and Lake Max programming and accessibility. It was the decision of the committee on Dec. 19 to expand on the current projects rather than begin planning for an entirely new venture.

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Tips to Avoid Federal Grant Scams

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is warning citizens to be aware of scammers who see the New Year as the perfect opportunity to prey on unsuspecting individuals looking to replenish funds after the holidays. Fraudulent grant offers are particularly pervasive, so HHS representatives have a few tips to keep in mind in order to protect yourself from tricksters.

First of all, no legitimate federal government employee would ever call to say you qualify or you’ve been approved for a grant you never applied for. Representatives say to look out for people who target individuals since all government grants involve an application process to carry out projects with a public purpose and are not intended for personal use. Continue reading

Kid’s Day Event at Marshall County Historical Society Museum

In order to give local children something to do during their final week of winter break, the Marshall County Historical Society Museum is offering a free, kid-friendly special event today from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Interactive model trains will be running in the Disney-themed train room from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. In the community room, kids can play winter games and make crafts in the community room.  Continue reading

Marshall County Police Seeking Information on Burglaries

Detectives with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department are asking for information regarding two separate burglary incidents on Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017 between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Police say an unknown person or persons forced entry into an outbuilding in the 4,000 block of Beech Road. The suspect took numerous tools, electronics and a large, portable heater, according to the report.

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Marshall County Commissioners Reappoint Department Heads

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners approved department head appointments during a special meeting Friday morning.

Commissioners Mike Delp, Kurt Garner and Kevin Overmyer reappointed Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Doug Masterson, Jail Maintenance Supervisor Gary Masterson, Marshall County Historical Society Museum Director Linda Rippy, EMA Director Clyde Avery, IT Director Michael Marshall, Veteran’s Service Officer Pam Schweizer-Betz, and Building Inspector Chuck DeWitt. As previously reported, Jason Peters was reappointed as highway supervisor, but the county engineer/director position has yet to be filled.

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Plymouth Police Chief Bacon Reveals Start Date of New Officers, Requests Permission to Apply for Department of Health Grant

Plymouth Police Chief David Bacon came before the Board of Public Works and Safety last Wednesday where announced that two new officers, Nicholas Kindig and David Finn will be starting soon. He told members the new officers will be officially sworn in the morning of Monday, January 8th.

Additionally, the police chief was seeking approval to apply for a State Department of Health grant. Continue reading

Plymouth Board of Public Works Members Approve Change Order and 2017 Community Crossings Contracts

Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt presented Board of Public Works members with 2017 Community Crossings Matching Grant contracts and a change order for spring sidewalk and street projects at their meeting Wednesday.

The change order included three quantity adjustments for work done to Jefferson Street as well as deductions for pavement markings and stones that were not required. Board members unanimously approved the change order which Marquardt said amounted to an additional $1,369.25. Continue reading

Applications Needed for Habitat for Humanity Project in Culver

Officials with the Town of Culver and Marshall County Habitat for Humanity are looking for a qualified individual to help build his or her own home in Culver.

Application information can be found the Town of Culver’s website at for a building project at an available site at the Sand Hill Farms workforce housing development project off of West Jefferson Street in Culver. The project is anticipated to begin in late 2018 or early 2019.

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Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Members Address Parking Problems on Gary Drive and Plum Street

At the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety meeting this week, Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt received permission to install signage on Gary Drive, near Love’s Travel Stop.

Superintendent Marquardt asked board members to allow him to put up no parking signs in that area to keep semi-trucks from parking vehicles on the roadway. He said the problem became the most apparent when they ran into trouble plowing streets due to the abundance of trucks parked on the road, rather than in the lot. Mayor Mark Senter commented that it should be common sense for people not to park there, but agreed that something should be done to prevent future problems. The request received unanimous approval from board members.

Board members also continued discussion about problems with parking on Plum Street. Continue reading

Culver Town Council Approves Grant Fund Appropriations

The Culver Town Council members discussed grant funds that were appropriated during the year at their meeting this week.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim commented that the town was fortunate to receive several grants in 2017 that weren’t recognized in the budget. She recommended that the list be available to inform the public of all funds awarded and spent, and on the record for the Department of Local Government Finance.

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Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer Permitted to Carry out Year-End Financial Obligations

Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer Jeanine Xaver sought permission to carry out year-end financial obligations during the city council meeting Wednesday night.

Clerk-Treasurer Xaver asked board members for the go ahead to make year-end transfers and encumbrances as necessary. She added that the figures will be added to the minutes from the meeting. Continue reading