Marshall County Democratic Party to Host a VAN Training Session This Week

The Marshall County Democratic Party is hosting a Voter Access Network training session from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. on Thursday at their party headquarters in Plymouth. Initially, they planned to hold two, but Wednesday’s session has been canceled.

According to party representatives, a Voter Access Network (VAN) captures local voter registration data among residents. It’s also utilized to generate the call and walk lists for candidates so the party can reach voters.They report that having a growing team of volunteers who know how to use and update the network is essential, especially during the voting season. Continue reading

Shady Rest Home Committee to Hold Public Hearing Wednesday Night

Shady Rest Home

The Shady Rest Home Committee members are asking for public input Wednesday night concerning the possible use of the Shady Rest Home facility by a non-profit organization.

The committee is considering a proposal from Gregg Erickson and Ted Hayden that would provide a structured recovery program for drug or alcohol offenders recommended to the program by Marshall County Community Corrections. The program, called “David’s Choice”, would assist recovering addicts for six to nine months on getting a job, completing treatment, conducting community service, and obtaining other life and job skills.

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Open Seats in Marshall County for 2018 Elections

Many Marshall County positions will be up for election this year including the Judge for Superior Court 1 as well as the County Prosecutor, Clerk, Auditor, Recorder, Assessor and Sheriff. Wednesday marks the first day that a declaration of candidacy may be filed.

According to Jaley Schinbeckler with the Marshall County Clerk’s Office, elections will also be held for all township trustees and board members and the county commissioner in District 1 as well as county councils in districts 1 through 4. Two seats are open on the Argos and Culver Town Councils and one seat is open for Bourbon Town Council. Continue reading

Start off 2018 by Strengthening Employee Skills with this Ancilla College Training Program

Last year, the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Ancilla College worked in conjunction with local businesses to launch the Ancilla College Management and Leadership Training program. The program has continued into this year to continue developing the skills of our community’s team leaders.

After conducting interviews with local employers and finding that many of them were seeking more opportunities for management training, the program was created as a way to strengthen the existing workforce. Continue reading

Intergovernmental Agreement Pertaining to Planning Services to be Reviewed Monday

The intergovernmental agreement between Marshall County and the City of Plymouth for planning services with Planning Director Ralph Booker will be discussed by the Plymouth City Council members on Monday.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger told the Marshall County Commissioners on Tuesday morning that Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi was off much of the last part of December and didn’t have a chance to review the paperwork prior to Tuesday’s commissioners meeting.

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Marshall County Humane Society is Making Sure Local Pets are Safe this Winter Season

Marshall County has recently been dealing with extremely windy and snowy weather conditions. Around this time of year, pet owners are reminded to bring pets indoors or provide adequate outside shelter in order to keep animals safe this winter season.

Marshall County Humane Society Executive Director Nancy Cox said she and members of her team spend every morning, responding to calls of animals left outdoors without adequate food, water or shelter.

She stated, “People just need to use their common sense. If you’re cold, they’re cold. Like right now, I would feel that being out in this weather without proper shelter is cruelty and neglect.” Continue reading

State Fire Marshal Issues Safety Reminders, As Cold Weather Continues

As cold weather continues, Indiana State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson is once again reminding Hoosiers to be careful with alternative heating sources. He notes that house fires occur more often in winter, and much of that is due to alternative heating. If you need to use a space heater, keep it at least three feet away from other objects, especially anything that’s flammable.

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Save Money on Heating This Winter

Cold temperatures drive heating costs. With the cold snap experienced over the past couple of weeks, heating bills will be high.

NIPSCO suggests setting the thermostat two to four degrees below what you’re used to in order to cut down the heat bill. Change air filters often throughout the season as dirty filters block air causing the furnace to work harder.

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Marshall County Commissioners Take Care of Remaining Appointments During Tuesday Meeting

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners addressed any remaining appointments when they met on Tuesday.

Randy Glingle and Dan Vories were appointed to the Drainage Board, Jan Fisher will serve on the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and Commissioner Kevin Overymyer was appointed to the Central Dispatch Committee as well as the Michiana Area Council of Governments or MACOG.

For the MACOG Regional Development Board, Joe Martin, Jr. was appointed as the private sector representative and Trend Weldy will serve as the Town of Bremen’s rep.

Commissioner Kurt Garner was appointed to the Unsafe Building Committee and the Shady Rest Committee. Continue reading

The CDC Warns Individuals to Be Aware of High Frostbite and Hypothermia Risks This Time of Year

With extremely cold temperatures and frigid wind chills expected to continue in the coming weeks, the Center for Disease Control is warning people to take necessary precautions to avoid getting hypothermia or frostbite.

Before going outside, make sure you’re sufficiently dressed for the weather. Your fingers, toes, ears, cheeks, chin and nose should all be thoroughly protected, as these are the areas most vulnerable to frostbite. Continue reading

Indiana Department of Revenue Offers Tax Tips, As Filing Season Approaches

The 2018 tax season is about to get underway, and the Indiana Department of Revenue has a few tips to help save you some money. Taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $66,000 or less may file for free, with the INfreefile program. The Department of Revenue expects that almost 2 million Hoosiers will qualify for free filing this year.

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Visit with Animals from the North Pole At Culver Beach Lodge This Saturday

Culver Beach Lodge is hosting a special “Silly Safaris” Presentation tomorrow, featuring animals from the North Pole. The free, all-ages program will start at 11 a.m. ET and last until noon.

According to the organization website, this specific program focuses on animals native to the Arctic Circle, one of the world’s harshest environments.The presentation will feature a reindeer and may also include another mammal, a bird, a frog, a reptile, and a few insects to display the variety of creatures that inhabit this area. Continue reading

Indiana Conservation Officers Seek Public Assistance in Retrieving Stolen Snowmobiles, Offer $1,000 Reward

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources issued a press release today, seeking public assistance in finding two stolen Law Enforcement Snowmobiles that were taken from Potato Creek State Park near the town of North Liberty.

The snowmobiles were stolen on or around December 15, 2017. Indiana Conservation Officers are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and/or the recovery of the snowmobiles. Continue reading

National Weather Service Issues Urgent Winter Weather Advisory for Marshall County

The National Weather Service has issued an urgent winter weather advisory for Marshall County, including the cities of Plymouth, Bremen and Culver. The advisory will be in effect on Thursday, January 4 from 1 a.m. until 7 p.m. ET.

Lake effect snow will be impacting the area so residents should prepare for reduced visibility at times and difficult travel conditions during morning and evening commutes. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 7 inches, with localized amounts of up to 10 inches are expected. Continue reading