Marshall County Council Approves Additional Appropriation for Fire System

The Marshall County Council members approved a request for an additional appropriation for a fire suppression system at the Marshall County Museum.

Commissioner Kurt Garner explained that the commissioners approved a quote in September from the NoBi Corporation out of Elkhart in the amount of $5,935. Since the commissioners felt it was an immediate need, they agreed to allow the expenditure to be taken out of the building and grounds maintenance fund. Garner and Museum Archive Manager Karin Rettinger were before the council to ask for an additional appropriation to reimburse the county and for a building project.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Money for Fire Monitoring System

Marshall County Maintenance Director Doug Masterson approached the commissioners Monday morning with an emergency situation with the fire monitoring system at the Marshall County Museum.

Masterson explained that the system failed on Thursday and needs to be replaced. He added that Marshall County Historical Society Museum Director Linda Rippy contacted the NoBi Corporation out of Elkhart to get a quote to replace the fire monitoring system. The company representative gave her an estimate of $5,935.

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Marshall Co. Commissioners Support Highway Dept. Request for Funds

The Marshall County Highway Department will be asking the county council for some additional funds and money transfers in order to pave more county roads this season.

Highway Supervisor Jason Peters told the county commissioners that he’ll be requesting $550,000 to $600,000 in an additional appropriation before the county council on Monday, Sept. 11. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners Address Generator Needs

The Marshall County Commissioners discussed generator needs at the highway department.

Maintenance Director Doug Masterson along with Gary Masterson approached the commissioners with a quote from M & J Services and Michiana Contracting, Inc. to provide a generator for the highway department. The highway department does not have a generator to help with department needs when there is a loss of power. The commissioners discussed the need previously and Doug Masterson presented the quotes for approval Monday morning. Continue reading

Shady Rest Home Committee Members Gather for First Meeting

Shady Rest Home

The members who serve on the committee to seek non-profit uses for the Shady Rest Home facility in Plymouth met for their organizational meeting Thursday morning.

The Shady Rest Home was in the care of The Bowen Center, but a few new state standards caused the administration to shut down operations. The Bowen Center staff gave care to adults suffering with mental incapacities. Due to that decision, the Shady Rest Home is now back in the hands of the Marshall County Commissioners. The property was turned over to the county on Aug. 1. Continue reading

Public Hearing Planned to Reestablish Cumulative Capital Development Fund

A public hearing is set to gather input on the reestablishment of the Cumulative Capital Development Fund in Marshall County.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger explained that a procedural issue halted the process a year ago, but this movement is needed to awaken the issue. The public hearing will allow taxpayers to weigh their opinion on a tax increase not to exceed $.0333 per $100 of assessed valuation of property. An approximate amount of $400,000 is anticipated that can be used on capital investments in the county. The highway department was used as an example as they are in need of new equipment where funding is lacking.

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