Commissioners Update County Council on County Engineer Search

The search continues for a county engineer.

The Marshall County Commissioners are looking for a candidate who is a licensed engineer who could help add expertise to the qualified staff already at the county highway. Commissioner Kurt Garner explained to the county council on Monday morning that they received three applications with two of the applicants possessing an engineer’s license. They offered a candidate with a license, 12 years of highway experience and the ability to assist the county with matrix technology to help the county’s focus on prioritizing maintenance on roads, but that candidate turned down an offer from the county. According to Commissioners Garner and Mike Delp, who even offered part of their salaries to add to the proposed pay rate, the candidate wasn’t sure he wanted to take the risk of having an divided council and commission vote on the position and the loss in pay.

The commissioners may have their work cut out for them as many engineers who would do the work asked in the job description and what they can make in a salary in the private sector might not take interest in applying for the job.

According to the commissioners, County Surveyor Craig Cultice told them that hiring a licensed engineer would be an asset as many projects that come through his office need to be signed by a licensed engineer where one is not readily available.

The commissioners remain hopeful. The position will remain open until it is filled. The commissioners may revisit the topic in a couple of months if a county engineer can’t be found.

To hear the entire conversation, the topic will be aired during this Sunday’s Maximum Impact program at noon on MAX 98.3 FM.