County Council Discusses Job Description Change for Position at Highway Department

Marshall County Commissioner Kurt Garner presented the county council members Monday morning with a proposed job description change pertaining to the highway administrator’s position.

Garner explained it is the thought to change the highway administrator’s position to a county engineer/director position. The highway administrator’s position will become vacant at the end of the year with the retirement of Laurie Baker on Dec. 29. Garner said the addition of an engineer to the highway department would be beneficial.

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Marshall County Council Approves Additional Appropriation for Argos Schools

The Marshall County Council members discussed an additional appropriation request from the Argos Community School Corporation this week.

Argos Community School Corporation Director of Business Services Jennifer Lee explained that the money will be used for General Fund purposes.

“We just want to make sure we have the permission to spend throughout the year,” said Lee. “We have the money we just need permission to spend it if we need it to cover salaries and basic General Fund expenses.” Continue reading

Funds Transfer Approved for Utilities at Shady Rest Home, County Facilities

Shady Rest Home

The Marshall County Council members were tasked with approving the transfer of funds to ensure payment of utilities at the Shady Rest Home and for other county facilities for the remainder of the year.

The county received the operation of the county home on Lincoln Highway in August when the Bowen Center decided to cease operations at the facility. The structure has been vacant since that time, but a nine-member Shady Rest Home committee is working to find a tenant to bring needed services to aid the residents of Marshall County.

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Marshall County Council Approves Community Corrections Grant Request

Marshall County Community Corrections Executive Director Ward Byers approached the county council on Monday morning asking for approval to seek grant funding for the department’s budget.

Byers said this request is in accordance with the preparation of the 2019 Fiscal Year budget.

“Our current fiscal year budget is $403,100,” said Byers. “I’m not certain if that’s going to go up at all. The advisory board has not reviewed any numbers yet. That will be done at December’s meeting.” Continue reading

Grant Request Approved for Marshall County Health Department

Marshall County Health Department Administrator Christine Stinson asked the county council to approve a grant request application for a $2,500 mini grant from the Indiana State Association of County and City Health Officers.

Stinson explained that the grant funds would be used as a voucher program to test known IV drug users for Hepatitis C as she feels that is a population that needs more health study. Continue reading

Marshall County Council Discusses Highway Department Request

Marshall County Highway Supervisor Jason Peters and Commissioner Kurt Garner went before the county council Monday morning to request funds to complete funding for three Community Crossings grant projects.

Three projects were approved for funding, but with the way the bidding numbers came in only two projects could be fully funded. The highway department is seeking funding for a third project to be funded solely by the county council. Continue reading

Marshall County 4-H Fair Association to Apply for OCRA Grant

The Marshall County Fair Board will be applying for an Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) grant worth $500,000 for a multi-purpose building in the Town of Argos.

An application request was approved by the Marshall County Council members on Monday morning. Marshall County Fair Board Secretary Angel Balsley explained that the project did not receive grant funding in the previous round of OCRA grants but will apply for the additional grant round in February. The date to announce an intention to apply for the grant is Friday, Dec 1. The fee is $150 which will be paid for by the fair board. Continue reading

Big Idea Company Gets to Work on Marshall County Promotional Effort

Marshall County officials are coming up with ways to promote the county to potential residents and those interested in relocating businesses. The county government and the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation have hired the Mishawaka-based Big Idea Company to lead a branding effort, according to Bremen Director of Operations Trend Weldy.

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Marshall County Council Approves Pay Waiver

Marshall County Highway Administrator Laurie Baker requested the county council to waive the 10 percent pay reduction for a new employee.

New employees usually experience the reduction in pay during the 90-day probationary period, but Baker said the new employee is slipping into a similar position at the department with all of the skills necessary to do the work. The employee is coming to Marshall County from Starke County and Baker said he even took a pay cut to work in Marshall County. Continue reading

Marshall County Council Approves Highway, Sheriff Appropriation Requests

The Marshall County Council fielded several requests for additional appropriations during their regular meeting on Monday.

The highway department submitted a request for $300,000 for bituminous for the continuation of paving operations through the rest of the year. The highway department also asked for $112,000 for vehicle maintenance. That money is to re-appropriate the fuel charges from departments and outside entities coming back into the county.

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Marshall County Council Approves Ordinances on 2018 Budgets

Marshall County Council members took action Monday morning to move the budget to the state for approval.

Before the council approved the 2018 budget, Councilwoman Penny Lukenbill brought the Superior Court II budget into discussion. The council had reduced Judge Dean Colvin’s initial request for full-time law clerks in the amount of $75,000 to just a part-time law clerk line item at $45,000.

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