Marshall County Historical Society Considers Summer Architecture Tour of Argos

Photo Courtesy of Wythougan Valley Preservation Society

The possibility of a summertime architecture tour around Argos is being considered by town council members.

Council member Suzanne Umbaugh was contacted by a Marshall County Historical Society Museum representative about potentially doing a walking or driving tour of various structures in the town.

Historical Society Assistant Director Sue Irwin stated the tour would focus on Argos buildings that were designed by William Lake Foker, an accomplished stonemason of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Continue reading

Argos Town Council Approves Property Subdivision Request from Marshall County Economic Development Corporation

Argos Town Council members unanimously agreed to allow the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation to subdivide approximately 17 acres of property at their meeting Wednesday night.

Town Attorney Derek Jones explained that the MCEDC initially intended to utilize 15 acres for the manufacturing center project at the Dewey Street property so they came before the council to request the additional acreage.

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Argos Town Council Members Receive Presentation About Local Business Group ‘Discover Argos’

Local business owner Judy Richards came before the Argos Town Council last month, seeking permission to utilize the town’s name in the title a local business group.

Richards explained that group would be called Discover Argos and would work to benefit local businesses, while simultaneously assisting the town as a whole.

“We spoke with the Town Council about why we needed this committee which was because it will benefit Argos by creating more jobs, more housing, downtown improvements, more events for the local residents to go to which will in turn mean less travel for local residents.” She explained, “It will benefit our business owners because that means more visitors to Argos.” Continue reading

Argos Town Council Continues to Seek Members for Various Board Positions

When Argos Town Council members met earlier this month, they discussed available openings in the Marshall County Tourism Board, the Plan Commission, the Park Board and the Redevelopment Commission.

According to the draft minutes provided, one person submitted a letter of interest for the park board. Town council members agreed to wait another 30 days from when they met on November 15th, to see if any more individuals apply for the open positions. Continue reading

J-Turns Not a Favorable Solution in Argos

Over 100 people attended a public hearing hosted by officials from the Indiana Department of Transportation Tuesday night at the Argos Junior/Senior High School to address the proposal of a J-turn intersection at U.S. 31 and State Road 10 in Argos.

Troyer Group Project Manager Chris Maidner presented statistics on why a J-turn would be a quicker, cheaper safety alternative at that intersection and provided an example of a J-turn intersection at State Road 114 and 41 in the Morocco area. Their statistics show a reduction in personal injury crashes anywhere from 50 to 100 percent. Studies by INDOT and the Troyer Group found that the J-turn intersections can be utilized by large semi-trucks, school buses, farm equipment, horse and buggies, and large trailers without issue. Continue reading

Co-Alliance to Move into Wickes Lumber Building

The Argos Town Council members approved papers for Co-Alliance to move into the former Wickes Lumber property.

Several commitments will need to be met by the owners of the company to work with the residents in the area. The company will need to maintain the grass and other vegetation on the property as well as the perimeter fence. The company was asked by the town to dim the outdoor lighting around the facility.

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Argos Town Council Approves Bid for Library Building Demolition

The Argos Town Council awarded a bid to Jackson Services out of Rochester for $35,000 to tear down the structure that served the community for several uses.

The building at 119 W. Walnut once housed generators used for electric services and it also served as the clerk-treasurer’s office. The most recent use of the structure was for the town’s library.

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Snead Selected for Argos Town Council

vote-3After losing a tie-breaker vote following November’s Argos Town Council race, Charles Snead will soon be seated on the council after all. In November’s General Election, Snead and incumbent Dustin Johnson both received the same number of votes. That left it up to the other sitting members of the council to make a decision, and they went with Johnson, the incumbent Democrat. Continue reading