Plymouth Plan Commission President Recommends Discussion on Garage Sizes

The Plymouth Plan Commission President proposed an idea for future discussion that includes housing standards.

Doug Feece proposed the elimination of the garage door size and to allow only a 12-foot door. Feece noted that this would eliminate “storage barns” in a residential area, especially in the historic district. He also would like to see something that would regulate garage sizes. Feece said he would like to have a formula that doesn’t allow a garage that’s bigger than a house. If the house is a certain size, then the garage should only be 30 to 40 percent the size of the house.

Feece’s opinion expressed was that if the practice continues, the residential districts are going to turn into a problem. They could turn into commercial districts. Continue reading

Dr. Zirkle to Stay at Ancilla College

The Board of Trustees at Ancilla College recently voted to name Dr. Ken Zirkle as president of Ancilla College. He held the interim president position for the past seven months. Dr. Zirkle’s contract is for another year.

In a news release from the facility, the board also voted to approve a new residence hall for the 2015 Fall semester. Dr. Zirkle stated that he’s looking forward to assisting in the future growth and development of the college.

Dr. Zirkle has executive post-secondary experience in a career that spans decades including State University of New York, University of Findley, Becker College, Post University, and Mercyhurst University.

Marshall County Commissioners Move Forward with Tax Certificate Sale

The Marshall County Commissioners approved an agreement this week to hold a tax certificate sale. A resolution was also adopted in order to move the process forward.

The county will be working with Joe Edwards from SRI, Inc. Approximately properties would be included in the sale. Thirty-six properties will be featured in the sale. Some will not be included as the City of Plymouth and North Township has expressed interest in a few parcels for development.

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Plymouth BZA Members Approve Monopole Construction

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals discussed a request to place a 164-foot monopole communications tower at 12091 Plymouth Goshen Trail.

Mike Howley represents Central States Tower and co-applicant Verizon Wireless and presented information to the quorum of BZA members on Tuesday night. Verizon Wireless officials have paperwork filed to construct a tower on the Read Fields, LTD property near U.S. 30 and U.S. 31. They want to fill a gap in cell phone and wireless coverage for businesses, homeowners and industry in that area. The capacity level would also improve. Four antennas could be placed on the tower. It would not need to be lighted.

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Charbonneau Focuses on Indiana’s Water Resources

State Senator Ed Charbonneau is touting two bills that received unanimous approval in the Indiana Senate.

Both bills attempt to analyze and secure the Hoosier State’s water resources. Senate Bill 473 requires the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to monitor water resources and provides an avenue for volunteers to conduct the work. It would focus on areas where water withdrawals could exceed the natural replenishing rate.
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Marshall County Museum Awarded Outstanding Historical Organization

The Marshall County Museum was recently honored with the Outstanding Historical Organization Award for 2014.

Museum Director Linda Rippy gave the news to the commissioners on Monday morning. Rippy said it’s a prestigious award, and the staff has worked hard in achieving that goal.

“It demonstrates the remarkable public services and programs in our community that we’ve done for them,” said Rippy. “We’re really pushing to offer more in our research library which we keep hearing is one of the best in Indiana. It has more history for Marshall County residents. People come in here and will spend days and weeks just doing research.”

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Culver Schedules Snow Make-Up Day

Students in the Culver Community School Corporation will be in class this Friday, Feb. 6, weather permitting. Superintendent Vicki McGuire says it’s a make-up day for Monday, Feb. 2 when school was canceled due to snow. Anyone with questions can contact the Culver Community School Corporation office at 574-842-3364.

Marshall County Highway Department Continues to Clear Roads

Marshall County Highway Department employees continue to work to clear county roads for safer travel.

All of the roads are open but remain snow-covered and icy. Rough spots will remain an issue until temperatures reach a melting point. Salt and sand have been applied on all critical points, but officials urge you to travel with caution. Allow extra time to get to your destination.

The county remains under an advisory level travel status. An advisory level means that routine travel or activities may be restricted in areas because of a hazardous situation and drivers should use caution or avoid those areas. Speed should be reduced, and drivers should leave ample room between cars to help prevent accidents.

Plymouth Schools Board Ban E-Cigs In Student Handbook

It took an influx of tobacco related products to propose a change, but now Plymouth schools have decided to take action in the school corporation’s student handbook.

During last night’s Plymouth School Board meeting, Superintendent Dan Tyree said many students believed there was a bit of a grey area when it comes to e-cigarette use in the document – which is provided in digital form online.
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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Amendment to Purchasing Policy

The Marshall County Commissioners this week discussed a prepayment limit for department heads.

Commissioner Deb Griewank suggested the change to the purchase ordinance so department heads can make county equipment purchases with a personal credit card that does not exceed $750. She said that it was brought to her attention that sometimes different departments need to buy something online but don’t have the time to wait for commissioner approval. Buildings and maintenance directors can find items on eBay for cheaper but then they have to wait to purchase the items pending approval. Time could cost them.

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Culver Works Toward EMS Staffing Solutions

The Culver Town Council met yesterday to review what some board members consider a recurring lack of volunteers with the Town’s EMS Department over the last five years.

Due to Culver’s size and perhaps department set-up, the Emergency Medical Services Department often lacks adequate staffing. A special session was held Monday to aid in reviewing the matter.
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Plymouth BZA Tables Sign Variance Request

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals considered a request to have more than two signs and to reduce the front setback at a business located at 309 E. Jefferson Street.

Representative Jon Webster owns Mooney’s, a business within a group of companies inside the building at that location. He told the quorum of BZA members that he has an ice cream parlor sign up at the corner of the property. He stated that he would like to keep his sign up where it is to help advertise his business. Webster was told to come before the BZA to make that request.

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