Culver Town Council, CRC to Hold Special Session

The Culver Town Council and the Culver Redevelopment Commission will work together in a special meeting today to work out responsibilities for the upcoming Stellar Communities application.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe explained to the council members last week that there are a number of new projects and enhancements to this year’s application and the town could be more productive if all of those responsibilities were divided to ensure success. She said there are too many items for Town Manager Jonathan Leist to concentrate on that will reduce his focus on town responsibilities.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will discuss several items when they meet this morning.

County highway administrators will give an update on projects within the county. With property taxes due soon, Treasurer Angie Birchmeier will be requesting extended hours to accommodate taxpayers with a chance to get taxes paid on time. Sheriff Matt Hassel will also be before the commissioners to discuss a road closure. Diane Fisher from Prevent Child Abuse Marshall County will also have a presentation for the board.

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Culver School Board to Meet Tonight

The Culver Community School Board will meet in regular session tonight with a light agenda.

The Culver Boys and Girls Club will have a presentation to the board. The board will also approve elementary, middle and high school intersession teachers. The Science and Health Textbook Adoption Committee have made their recommendations and they will be reviewed by the board.

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Saturday-Plymouth BOW Receives Update on Gator Purchase, Approves Truck Quote

The Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department has replaced a 15-year-old Gator utility vehicle for use at the park during the Blueberry Festival.

Fire Chief Rodney Miller applied for a grant in the fall through the Marshall County Community Foundation to obtain the new gator at a cost of $13,000. The department only recently took delivery of the vehicle. It is currently being equipped with emergency lights. Once that is complete, the fire department will release ownership of the gator to the city. Miller said he spoke with City Attorney Sean Surrisi about the transaction and it was thought that the paperwork already had the City of Plymouth as the owner of the vehicle.

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Town of Culver to Accept Sidewalk Replacement Applications

Town of Culver officials will begin taking applications for the 2017 sidewalk replacement program beginning Monday, April 3.

Measurements of the sidewalk, curb or combination of both must be included in the application. The application will be reviewed by Street Superintendent Bob Porter and his staff will confirm the dimensions of the potential project. The town council will then approve a project by recommendation of the street superintendent. The homeowner will be notified by letter if a sidewalk replacement project was selected.

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All-Hazard Radios to be Distributed to Counties for Residents

More than 2,200 all-hazard weather radios will be distributed to all of the counties in the state thanks to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Residents who are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of severe weather, those who cannot afford a device, mobile and prefabricated homeowners, and others who may not be able to receive weather alerts by traditional means may be provided a radio.

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Culver-Union Township Public Library Celebrates Women’s History Month

The staff at the Culver-Union Township Public Library invites you to the facility this month to join them in recognizing women who have provided inspiration and leadership as part of Women’s History Month.

Patrons may stop by the youth room to decorate a thank you postcard for a woman who has made a difference in one’s life. Personal, historical and inspirational quotes are welcome. They may be colored, sketched, embellished with photos, or uniquely crafted to represent the honoree. Completed postcards will be on display throughout the month.

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Plymouth Sidewalk Replacement Requests Reviewed

Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt is reviewing a list of sidewalk replacement requests to see if they fall within the city’s ADA transition plan.

He brought a preliminary list before the Plymouth Board of Works this week. One request for sidewalk replacement on Garro Street would only benefit one house and is a dead-end sidewalk. He did contact the homeowner and explained that the replacement project may be delayed as it doesn’t meet the immediate needs of the program.

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World’s Largest One Day Leadership Conference Scheduled for May 5

The world’s largest one day leadership conference will be simulcast for interested attendees on Friday, May 5 at 8:30 a.m. at the Swan Lake Resort. The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce is hosting the event.

The theme of this year’s Leadercast conference is “Powered by Purpose”. The seven speakers planned for the event will help attendees discover the steps they need to uncover their organization’s purpose, to reconnect to their organization’s mission, and to attract and engage the right people for effort and to thrive as a team.

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Area EMA Director Attends Long Term Recovery Seminar

A lot of emergency management organizations and the emergency response teams have what it takes to respond in the event of a catastrophic event. When the event is over, what is the responsibility of those entities?

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery attended a long term recovery seminar this week where he learned ways communities can rebound after a disaster. He says partnerships need to be developed and plans implemented now in case of an event.

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Culver Business Plans Expansion

The Culver City Council acted upon a request to declare an area as an economic revitalization area.

The owner of LK Wood Products and Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Director Jerry Chavez gave the council members an idea about an expansion project at the facility on Mill Street. The company is seeking a tax abatement to invest millions of dollars in expanding the technology at the plant. More jobs will be created as a result of the upgrade in equipment.

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Plymouth Street Department to Look into Replacing Stop Lights

Several traffic lights in Plymouth are causing concern to Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt.

The Plymouth Board of Works and Safety members learned that most of the lights in the city are antiquated and parts are becoming scarce to repair stop lights that malfunction. The controllers and systems need to be updated. About $75,000 has been budgeted for the project this year and a prioritized list will be created to complete that work.

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County Council Approves Community Corrections Salary Ordinance Amendment

Marshall County Community Corrections Director Ward Byers requested a salary ordinance amendment to bring all of the case managers within the same hourly wage.

Byers asked the Marshall County Council members to consider the pay equity request of $23.07 an hour as discussed with the personnel committee.

“This position fell behind a bit in its hourly rate of pay solely because it is not grant funded,” said Byers. “We were able to acquire that hourly rate of pay with the State of Indiana through the grant. We’re simply asking that this case manager, who is paid out of the project income fund, or user fees and not tax dollars of any kind, be brought up to the same pay rate.”

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Culver Town Council to Review Stellar Communities Responsibilities with CRC

The Culver Town Council members will decide how to split up responsibilities concerning the duties surrounding work for the Stellar Communities application when they meet with the Culver Redevelopment Commission next week.

Assignments will also need to be divided among the panel if the town is awarded the distinction of being a Stellar Community.

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Triton School Board Accepts Vehicle Donation, Discusses Building Projects

Horsepower has sweetened the deal for Triton High school students to attend classes this year.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs said the school board accepted a donation Monday night as part of this year’s perfect attendance prize.

“We accepted an automobile gift from a local automotive dealer who has given us a car to give away to a high school student who has perfect attendance,” announced Burroughs. “That will be given away at the end of the school year, right before they do finals.”

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Two Charged in Dealing Methamphetamine, Stolen Hand Guns Found

Two are in jail after methamphetamine and cocaine were reportedly found in a vehicle during a traffic stop.

According to Sgt. Trent Stouder of the Bremen Police Department, he pulled over a vehicle on Sunday, March 5 for a traffic violation where the drugs were found during a search of the vehicle. Police say three ounces of methamphetamine and three grams of cocaine were found, along with a handgun reported stolen in Angola.

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Marshall County Council Supports Reestablishing Cumulative Capital Development Fund Maximum Point

The Marshall County Council voted unanimously to support the commissioners in their quest to reestablish the Cumulative Capital Development Fund to the maximum point.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said the fund will mostly assist the highway department in annual equipment costs.

“We should be somewhere around $320,000 of the estimated $412,000 that we would have in addition,” explained Garner. “We’ll be using about three-quarters of that amount that’s coming in by shifting this equipment cost over to that.”

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