Marshall County Council Approves Appropriation for Community Crossings

The Marshall County Council members voted to appropriate money toward the Beech Road paving project as a Community Crossings project.

E&B Paving worked on resurfacing Beech Road from U.S. 6 to 3B Road last year. The project was included in the 2017 projects to be done in 2018, but the project was complete in 2017 as Highway Supervisor Jason Peters preferred that work to be done as soon as possible.

Peters told the council members Monday morning that the invoices for the project are now in, but he wasn’t sure that the money was officially appropriated for payment of the project. The council did support the appropriation, but didn’t move the money. That action was remedied on Monday.

The total cost of the project was $303,772.05 with the county’s match of $87,712.05. Funds from INDOT’s Community Crossings program will complete the payment. The county will receive the state’s reimbursement in about three or four weeks.