Argos Town Council Continues Conversation Over Development at Colonial Estates

Argos officials continue to seek ways to spur development in the town. Back in April, the town approved the purchase of Colonial Estates for residential development.

When the Argos Town Council members met in mid-November, they continued their discussion with Attorney Derek Jones about options for potential housing development and infrastructure installation in the area.

Jones explained that right now, town representatives are still in the preliminary stages of planning, “Colonial Estates has some vacant lots that are owned by the Argos Redevelopment Commission and there’s basically just an interest from the Redevelopment Commission’s perspective and I guess the town council as well, to get some housing going out there.”

Jones said this kind of project is new territory and officials are currently looking to see if there are any avenues to take where town officials could pursue potential possibilities on their own initiative rather than having to rely on a private developer. The available lots can be viewed on the Town of Argos website.