Discover Argos 12 Days of Christmas Contest

Local businesses in the newly founded Discover Argos collaborative will be hosting a unique holiday contest in the near future.

On Saturday, December 9th participating businesses will begin handing out “passport cards” according to committee chairperson Judy Richards, the owner of the business Timeless Treasures.

She said each business will have a hidden theme related to the 12 days of Christmas. For example, one store will be given the theme of a partridge in a pear tree, another will have five golden rings, and so on and so forth. Customers will have to locate the theme in each store and get their card stamped. Continue reading

Argos Town Council Continues Conversation Over Development at Colonial Estates

Argos officials continue to seek ways to spur development in the town. Back in April, the town approved the purchase of Colonial Estates for residential development.

When the Argos Town Council members met in mid-November, they continued their discussion with Attorney Derek Jones about options for potential housing development and infrastructure installation in the area.

Jones explained that right now, town representatives are still in the preliminary stages of planning, “Colonial Estates has some vacant lots that are owned by the Argos Redevelopment Commission and there’s basically just an interest from the Redevelopment Commission’s perspective and I guess the town council as well, to get some housing going out there.” Continue reading

Argos Town Council Continues to Seek Members for Various Board Positions

When Argos Town Council members met earlier this month, they discussed available openings in the Marshall County Tourism Board, the Plan Commission, the Park Board and the Redevelopment Commission.

According to the draft minutes provided, one person submitted a letter of interest for the park board. Town council members agreed to wait another 30 days from when they met on November 15th, to see if any more individuals apply for the open positions. Continue reading

Officials Break Ground for Manufacturing Center in Argos

Local and county officials, Marshall County Economic Development Corporation representatives, engineers and other project partners helped break ground for construction of a manufacturing facility in Argos.

The building will be the first on a new 80-acre industrial park on Dewey Street in Argos. Right now the space looks like an empty corn field, but that empty ground will be filled with the sight of an expanding economy and jobs. Continue reading

Groundbreaking Scheduled for Manufacturing Center in Argos

A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for Tuesday, Nov. 7 for the construction of a 50,000 square foot manufacturing center in Argos.

Marshall County Economic Development Corporation President and CEO Jerry Chavez says the building will be built within Argos’ 75 acre industrial park. The building will be expandable up to 300,000 square feet and will have access to high speed fiber.

Continue reading

Town of Argos to Move Forward with Economic Development

In the most recent edition of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Perspective newsletter, construction will begin soon on a manufacturing center in Argos.

According to officials, the Argos Manufacturing Center will be a customizable spec building in the town’s newly certified shovel-ready industrial park. Construction plans went before the Technical Review Committee on Sept. 13 and now a groundbreaking will be scheduled some time this month.

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