Marshall County Commissioners Address Generator Needs

The Marshall County Commissioners discussed generator needs at the highway department.

Maintenance Director Doug Masterson along with Gary Masterson approached the commissioners with a quote from M & J Services and Michiana Contracting, Inc. to provide a generator for the highway department. The highway department does not have a generator to help with department needs when there is a loss of power. The commissioners discussed the need previously and Doug Masterson presented the quotes for approval Monday morning.

After much discussion, the commissioners approved the quote from M & J Services in the amount of $53,725 with the understanding that the gas and diesel pumps would be part of the quote. Commissioners Kevin Overmyer and Kurt Garner voted in favor of the quote while Commissioner Mike Delp had the dissenting vote. Delp did note that he no longer benefits financially from his previous ownership of Michiana Contracting, Inc.

Commissioner Overmyer added that an emergency situation prompted the county to repair generator and battery backup needs that benefit the 911 service at the sheriff’s department. When power is lost there the generator isn’t able to work properly to assist the public with emergency needs. Calls are directed to Kosciusko County when a 911 call is made to the facility.

Gary Masterson explained that there was plenty of generator power at the sheriff’s department, but not enough battery backup.

“The battery backup cabinet is too small so he’s going to replace it with a bigger unit,” said Masterson. “When it does go down it will hold up 911 and what’s necessary to be running until the generator is up and running.”

M & J Services is working on this issue as well.

Sheriff Matt Hassel said it was a safety issue so a decision was made to remedy the issue to provide adequate 911 service to the residents of Marshall County.

A timeline on either project was not given.