Marshall County Council Approves $50,000 Additional Appropriation Request

The Marshall County Council considered an additional appropriation request in the amount of $50,000 to take care of LED lighting upgrade and other repairs at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Gary Masterson from the county maintenance department, all of the lighting has been updated outside of the jail in the parking lot, and more lights are being switched out inside the facility as soon as one goes bad. Additional money is requested in case more issues arise at the jail.

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Marshall County Commissioners Address Generator Needs

The Marshall County Commissioners discussed generator needs at the highway department.

Maintenance Director Doug Masterson along with Gary Masterson approached the commissioners with a quote from M & J Services and Michiana Contracting, Inc. to provide a generator for the highway department. The highway department does not have a generator to help with department needs when there is a loss of power. The commissioners discussed the need previously and Doug Masterson presented the quotes for approval Monday morning. Continue reading

Maintenance Department Requests Equipment Purchases

The Marshall County Maintenance Department is looking to purchase a bucket lift truck to reduce outside contractor fees.

County Maintenance Supervisor Doug Masterson and Gary Masterson said the employees at the maintenance department can complete needed projects that require a lift truck without the need to rent the equipment or hire another contractor. Nearly $7,000 in savings can be realized if the county owned a lift truck.

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