Marshall County Commissioners, Highway Officials Prioritizing Project List

The Marshall County Commissioners and Highway Supervisor Jason Peters have been working on prioritizing projects to submit for INDOT’s Community Crossings Grant.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said he ranked the list and Commissioner Mike Delp will submit his list prioritized this week.  Peters said he wants to get the list to MACOG as soon as possible to modify any suggestions.  He said changes could be made before waiting until the last minute.

Peters hopes to get the list narrowed down and then seek bids from contractors.  He anticipates taking bids for potential Community Crossings projects this year, but the contractors may want to wait until 2018 to get started on projects.  A delay in the start of projects until 2018 would be acceptable as the grant allows the funds to be spent within a year.

The Marshall County Council members last week gave their support to match funds toward a $1 million Community Crossings grant for work on the county’s roads and bridges.  Marshall County would allocate $400,000 toward the state’s grant match.

The council will approve and sign a commitment letter at their next meeting on Monday, July 10 to include in the grant application that is due Friday, July 14.