The Proposed Program Submitted to the Shady Rest Advisory Committee

Gregg Erickson and Ted Hayden

During Wednesday night’s Shady Rest Committee public hearing, some background information was provided about the proposed program “David’s Courage” that Ted Hayden and Gregg Erickson are seeking to implement at the county-owned building.

County Commissioner and Shady Rest Committee member Kurt Garner stated that initially, the committee received four proposals and they requested that Hayden and Erickson combine their plans since they had similar ideas.

Hayden presented the goal of the organization, “Our mission is to have a lasting change on the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial health of those who are struggling with addiction. We will provide a therapeutic community where a safe, consistent and caring environment creates an atmosphere that is conducive to change.” Continue reading

Inmate Programs Will Soon be Expanded at the Marshall County Jail

In a recent media advisory, Marshall County Sheriff Matthew Hassel, in collaboration with Marshall County Community Corrections, proudly announced the expansion of current Inmate Programs offered at the County Jail.

The newly introduced Marshall County Jail Chemical Addictions Program (MCJCAP) aims to give men and women struggling with addictions a second chance. The program will incorporate existing Moral Reconation Therapy with the Smart Recovery Substance Abuse Program and Fatherhood Initiative Program as well as group and individual life skills coaching. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners Looking for Committee Members

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Mike Delp, Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner

The Marshall County Commissioners are looking for more members to sit on the Shady Rest Home Committee. The commissioners decided to form a committee to determine what uses could fill the Shady Rest Home facility once it is handed back to the county on Aug. 1. The Bowen Center made the decision to cease operations there after some of the new regulations didn’t fit the facility’s needs.

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Marshall County Commissioners Sign Letter of Support for 2018 Community Corrections Grant

Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Deb Griewank, Kevin Overmyer and Kurt Garner
Marshall County Commissioners (L to R) Deb Griewank, Kevin Overmyer and Kurt Garner

Marshall County Community Corrections has gotten the support of the county commissioners, as it goes about creating its fiscal year 2018 budget. The commissioners’ approval is a required step before Community Corrections is able to apply for grant funding from the state. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County commissioners will meet today with a host of items to discuss.

Bart Trester of USI will provide the commissioners with an update on the 7th Road project and the Metronet project. The Metronet project is ahead of schedule while the 7th Road project continues. An update on the Jefferson Street bridge will also be provided by a USI representative.

Ward Byers from Court Services will be before the board for approval of an employment contract and Stacy Richer will have a request to vacate a street on county-owned property.

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