Shady Rest Committee Approves Recommendation for Commissioners

Shady Rest Home

After weighing public opinions that range from benefits to the community to safety and security concerns, the Shady Rest Home Committee Thursday afternoon approved a recommendation to the commissioners with a majority vote.

The members in attendance heard from Ted Hayden and Gregg Erickson who are proposing the implementation of an addiction recovery program called David’s Courage at the Shady Rest Home facility on Lincoln Highway in Plymouth. They addressed many concerns about the validity of the program and the credentials of the facilitators, as well as the level of security that will be available at the facility.

The plan proposes housing those wanting to beat addictions in a secure environment that helps in the recovery process with life skills and a faith-based component. Some residents will be those recommended to the program by Marshall County Community Corrections and those who want to attend on their own free will.

There were over 50 people in attendance during Thursday’s public meeting in the second-floor meeting room of the Marshall County Building in Plymouth. A majority of those who spoke stated that they aren’t opposed to the program but opposed to the location. Three addicts also spoke highly about recovery programs, going as far as saying it has given them a second chance at life and to make a positive difference.

In the end, the committee voted 5-1 to pass along a favorable recommendation to the Marshall County Commissioners for their consideration to allow David’s Courage the ability to offer addiction recovery services at the Shady Rest Home facility. As part of that motion, if the commissioners do not approve the program, the county commissioners will divest in the property. Committee members Kurt Garner, Judy Stone, Ward Byers, Bill Walters and Dustin Schafer voted in favor of the recommendation while Deb Vandemark had the dissenting vote. She clarified that she wanted to see a lease or sale of the property in the recommendation, but that will be left up to the commissioners. Members Pam Schweitzer-Betz, Dennis Beville and Scott Olds were not present at the meeting.

The entire meeting will be presented during the Maximum Impact program this Sunday, Feb. 4, at noon on MAX 98.3 FM.