The Proposed Program Submitted to the Shady Rest Advisory Committee

Gregg Erickson and Ted Hayden

During Wednesday night’s Shady Rest Committee public hearing, some background information was provided about the proposed program “David’s Courage” that Ted Hayden and Gregg Erickson are seeking to implement at the county-owned building.

County Commissioner and Shady Rest Committee member Kurt Garner stated that initially, the committee received four proposals and they requested that Hayden and Erickson combine their plans since they had similar ideas.

Hayden presented the goal of the organization, “Our mission is to have a lasting change on the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial health of those who are struggling with addiction. We will provide a therapeutic community where a safe, consistent and caring environment creates an atmosphere that is conducive to change.”

Hayden specified that one aspect of creating an atmosphere geared towards growth will be to screen visitors. This was described as a way to ensure that only positive influences would be a part of an individual’s life as they make their personal journey to recovery.

Community Corrections Executive Director Ward Byers spoke about the proposal as well and assured those in attendance that the facility will not serve as a “second jail”.

He said that admission criteria would be set by the not-for-profit and individuals would need to go through an extensive screening process before entering treatment.

The screenings would involve interviews with the trained staff of counselors and psychiatrists. It was stated several times that the kind of potential patients would be actively seeking sobreity.

After the hearing, while briefly speaking with Gregg Erickson, he mentioned that insurance and grants would be utilized to help fund the proposal. He added that it would have no impact on local tax payers.

Director Byers elaborated on potential funding options, saying that as a not-for-profit organization, Erickson and Hayden have the ability to apply for grants and receive assistance through specific programs.

Byers explained, “As a certified recovery home in the state of Indiana, they would then be eligible for reimbursement through a program called ‘Recovery Works’ through the Indiana Department of Mental Health.”

Byers said that program was developed to provide assistance to individuals with felonies who struggle with addiction or suffer from other mental health issues. It not only helps cover treatment costs but pays for residential placement as well. The program operators would receive a daily reimbursement rate for patients assisted through ‘Recovery Works’.

In a one-on-one statement, Hayden indicated that regardless of whether or not their organization is selected to take over occupancy of the Shady Rest Home, they will find a place within the community to provide this service to those struggling with substance abuse disorders in Marshall County.