The Proposed Program Submitted to the Shady Rest Advisory Committee

Gregg Erickson and Ted Hayden

During Wednesday night’s Shady Rest Committee public hearing, some background information was provided about the proposed program “David’s Courage” that Ted Hayden and Gregg Erickson are seeking to implement at the county-owned building.

County Commissioner and Shady Rest Committee member Kurt Garner stated that initially, the committee received four proposals and they requested that Hayden and Erickson combine their plans since they had similar ideas.

Hayden presented the goal of the organization, “Our mission is to have a lasting change on the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial health of those who are struggling with addiction. We will provide a therapeutic community where a safe, consistent and caring environment creates an atmosphere that is conducive to change.” Continue reading

Grant Round Announced for Drug Free Marshall County

The 2017-2018 Drug Free Marshall County grant round is now open.

These grants are intended to support projects surrounding substance abuse prevention, education, enforcement and treatment in Marshall County will be awarded soon.

Applicants must address one or more topics in the application: high rate of methamphetamine production and abuse, high rate of alcohol use/abuse in Marshall County, high rate of marijuana use/abuse in Marshall County, an increased use of opioids and heroin in adults, or a high rate of tobacco use with a focus on its use by pregnant women and smokeless tobacco use in youth.

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