Multiple Individuals Express Interest in Triton Superintendent Position

Monday was the final day that individuals interested in the Triton Schools superintendent position could submit applications for consideration.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs announced her plans to retire during a school board meeting back in September. Before the school board members met for their regular session on Monday, they held an executive session to go over the submitted applications. Continue reading

John Glenn School Board Approves Bus Donation Request

A retired bus in the John Glenn Community School Corporation fleet will be donated to the Triton Community School Corporation to assist in a worthy cause.

Transportation Director Cindy King explained to the school board that the area transportation directors would like to host a mock disaster. The school bus would be used for emergency responder training with area fire, police and EMS personnel as well as area drivers and students. The trainees would have a hands-on training experience and be better prepared if an incident with a school bus would happen.

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Triton Superintendent Talks about Fight for Public Schools

The Triton School Superintendent held a public presentation Thursday night to discuss the status of funding for public schools.

“The money that we used to get we no longer get,” stated Donna Burroughs. “Triton, for instance, is receiving $1.7 million less in 2014 than we received in 2004. Everyone knows that the cost of everything is going up so it’s making it very difficult for our schools to maintain programs and staffing as it has been in the past.”

Donna Burroughs added that the biggest catalyst in the lack of funding is the state takeover of the General Fund which pays salaries, insurance and operating costs.

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