Shady Rest Committee to Take Public Input Under Advisement Before Making Any Recommendations to Commissioners

Shady Rest Home

Last night’s Shady Rest Committee public hearing was emotionally charged with various members of the community coming out to show support, ask questions and express concerns over Ted Hayden and Gregg Erickson’s proposal to utilize the county building for an addiction recovery facility.

Those speaking in favor of the “David’s Courage” program taking occupancy of the Shady Rest Home included County Health officials, recovered addicts and family members personally impacted by addiction, as well as people who wanted to see the historic structure utilized to help the community. Continue reading

Energy Safe Kids Presentation Coming to A Classroom Near You

This November, the National Energy Foundation and Northern Indiana Public Service Company(NIPSCO) are teaming up to deliver more than 100 ‘Energy Safe Kids’ classroom presentations in schools across Northern Indiana.

Energy Safe Kids is a unique and engaging program designed to encourage fourth graders to think about energy sources and how to be safe around them whether outdoors, at home or at school. Energy educators teach students the basics about energy and energy safety.

There will be two weeks of presentation beginning on Monday, November 6th. Interested individuals who are within NIPSCO’s service territory can register at Space is limited so fourth grade teachers who want to have an energy safety specialist speak to their students should sign-up as soon as possible. If you’re unable to get someone into your classroom this year, you can still register in advance for the 2018 program.

Sheriff’s Department Looks to Purchase Deputies Off-Duty Weapons for Added Protections

news-2The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department is planning to encourage deputies to begin carrying weapons while off-duty.

The proposal was brought forward by Sheriff Matt Hassel. Should Sheriff’s Deputies begin carrying weapons while conducting their personal routine business within the county, it is thought an added layer of protection would be in place.
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Political Yard Signs Prompt INDOT Reminders

vote-3With election season upon us, political yard signs are becoming a more common occurrence.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is urging political candidates and their supporters to prevent road signs from blocking traffic visibility. According to INDOT, intersections, interchanges, and right-of-ways that run along a road should not be utilized for political yard signs.

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