Today is Safer Internet Day in the USA

Nowadays, internet usage is so common and some may not realize the dangers that could be lurking behind the screen. Today is recognized as Safer Internet Day.

According to organization representatives, the initiative aims to create an internet environment that empowers everyone to use technology responsibly, respectfully critically and creatively. It is geared toward children and young people as well as parents, caregivers and educators to make the most of out the internet’s potential to bring people together.

On Safer Internet Day, consider some of these tips from Indiana’s Attorney General’s Office. 

First off, realize the web is a lot more public and permanent than it seems, be smart about what you post and what you say to others while online. Also, understand that sharing pictures of a sexual nature can land you in serious trouble as an underage minor. Those pictures, even when shared with other minors, are considered child pornography, a very serious crime.

Lastly, if you end up feeling uncomfortable with something that takes place online, don’t be afraid to report it. Depending on the case you can contact site management, the CyberTipLine, which serves to protect children from sexual exploitation, or even the local police if the incident is severe enough.

These tips are for young people to use and guardians and educators to encourage in order to help create a safer “cyber-space” for all.