Marshall County Council Discusses Commissary Fund Resolution

Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin presented a resolution regarding commissary fund expenditures to the county council this week.

Sheriff Chamberlin explained that the funds are spent by guidelines set forth in the state statute. He felt that a resolution be enacted to have a better understanding of how the money can be spent out of certain line items. Detailed information would be provided on active expenditures.

Councilman Steve Harper asked about the cap on expenditures in a single purchase of $1,000. Sheriff Chamberlin said purchases would need to come before the county council for approval.

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Marshall County Safety Commission Discusses Blocked Railroad Crossings

The Marshall County Safety Commission heard concerns about trains stopped at crossings which creates an issue when buses are transporting students to and from school.

Cindy King from the John Glenn School Corporation said there are at least three instances a week where a train blocks a bus route for buses transporting students to school. She said a new route will have to be constructed for next year.

Indiana State Police officers and Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin both indicated that they have talked with Norfolk Southern and CSX officials and the issues are getting better. Several tickets have been written to the engineers to help curb the issue.

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Additional Appropriation Requests Approved for Sheriff’s Budget

The Marshall County Council members approved some money movement within the sheriff’s budget Monday morning.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin requested an additional appropriation for $30,000 for prisoner care. Council President Matt Hassel commented that the money was “inadvertently overlooked” from the 2015 budget. The request was approved by a vote of 6-1 with Judy Stone opposed. She said the certified shares line item would be healthy enough to afford to pay that expense by the third or fourth quarter.

An additional appropriation request for funds to be placed into the sheriff’s pension line item in the budget was approved in the amount of $216,859.

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Marshall County Ready for Severe Winter Weather

snow-plowThe Marshall County Emergency Management Agency, sheriff’s department and highway department are prepared for any type of weather situation, including snow.

Director Clyde Avery said he and the Marshall County Commissioners will be following the state criteria when coming to decisions about travel restrictions. There are three categories for those restrictions. The lowest level is advisory.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Vehicle Purchase for Sheriff’s Department

Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin requested the purchase of four new vehicles for the department with delivery after the first of the year.

“I would like to get an okay to start ordering the vehicles for delivery. One would be delivered in January and the other three in February. Right now they’re about six weeks out if you start ordering and as Fall comes of course the orders will continue to build and delivery dates will be shoved back. We are hoping to get the vehicles out on the road by April or May. We have to schedule the vehicles with our vendor that puts in all of the equipment,” said Chamberlin.

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