Marshall County Safety Commission Discusses Blocked Railroad Crossings

The Marshall County Safety Commission heard concerns about trains stopped at crossings which creates an issue when buses are transporting students to and from school.

Cindy King from the John Glenn School Corporation said there are at least three instances a week where a train blocks a bus route for buses transporting students to school. She said a new route will have to be constructed for next year.

Indiana State Police officers and Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin both indicated that they have talked with Norfolk Southern and CSX officials and the issues are getting better. Several tickets have been written to the engineers to help curb the issue.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said the blockage on State Road 17 has decreased tremendously since tickets have been issued. According to an Indiana State Police trooper, there are stopping points on those trains and they will run up until they can’t and then they will stop. A new train crew from Fort Wyane will then replace them.

The engineers have explained that federal guidelines need to be followed and are told what to do from the home office.

The officers who attended the meeting said tickets will be written as long as the trains are in violation.