Marshall County Commissioners Approve Vehicle Purchase for Sheriff’s Department

Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin requested the purchase of four new vehicles for the department with delivery after the first of the year.

“I would like to get an okay to start ordering the vehicles for delivery. One would be delivered in January and the other three in February. Right now they’re about six weeks out if you start ordering and as Fall comes of course the orders will continue to build and delivery dates will be shoved back. We are hoping to get the vehicles out on the road by April or May. We have to schedule the vehicles with our vendor that puts in all of the equipment,” said Chamberlin.

The total price of the vehicles requested is $103,860. Chamberlin noted to the county commissioners that he will go before the Marshall County Council on Monday to request an additional appropriation for the purchase of the vehicles in the amount of $3,860.

Two cars and a van will be traded in as part of the purchase agreement. Another vehicle will be reassigned to the Marshall County Surveyor.

Auditor Penny Lukenbill reminded Sheriff Chamberlin about cash flow in the certified shares at the beginning of the year but Chamberlin explained that’s why the delivery and payment would be done at the end of January.

The commissioners approved the request.