Additional Appropriation Requests Approved for Sheriff’s Budget

The Marshall County Council members approved some money movement within the sheriff’s budget Monday morning.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin requested an additional appropriation for $30,000 for prisoner care. Council President Matt Hassel commented that the money was “inadvertently overlooked” from the 2015 budget. The request was approved by a vote of 6-1 with Judy Stone opposed. She said the certified shares line item would be healthy enough to afford to pay that expense by the third or fourth quarter.

An additional appropriation request for funds to be placed into the sheriff’s pension line item in the budget was approved in the amount of $216,859.

The council discussed an appropriation request from Sheriff Tom Chamberlin for $3,860. He explained that the money would be used for the purchase of four vehicles. At budget time, he stated he wasn’t sure of what the trade value would be for the transaction, but later learned he was $3,860 short. The council denied the additional appropriation, explaining that the money could come out of the commissary fund.