Marshall County Ready for Severe Winter Weather

snow-plowThe Marshall County Emergency Management Agency, sheriff’s department and highway department are prepared for any type of weather situation, including snow.

Director Clyde Avery said he and the Marshall County Commissioners will be following the state criteria when coming to decisions about travel restrictions. There are three categories for those restrictions. The lowest level is advisory.

“It just means that routine travel or activities may need to be restricted in areas because of hazardous situations,” explained Avery.

The watch level is more comprehensive.

“Conditions are threatening to the safety of the public. During a watch, we recommend that people only travel if it’s absolutely necessary for work purposes or for obviously an emergency situation.”

The third level is the warning level which is declared in extreme weather events.

“Based on the information that we have from the sheriff’s department and the county highway supervisor we make a recommendation to the commissioners that travel should be restricted to emergency personnel only.”

Avery says he works closely with the supervisor of county highways and the sheriff’s department to gauge what conditions are like on the roads. Sheriff Tom Chamberlin told WKVI News that his officers will work a regular schedule during a severe weather event, but if conditions warrant extra patrol officers will be called in to assist the department.

Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters said in a full call-out, 24 highway workers will be out plowing roads. He also works with school superintendents who also give him road condition reports.

Peters said that crews attempt to open the main roads as soon as possible first thing in the morning. Those roads include: Quince Road, 4B, Queen, Oak, North Michigan, King, Plymouth-Goshen, Iris, Fir, 9th, Overmyer, Olive, Thorn, Muckshaw, South Michigan, Lincolnway and others. The plow priority and area maps can be found here: