Court Order Issued to Demolish Unsafe Building in Bourbon

A rat-infested property in Bourbon that is unfit for human habitation will be demolished in September.

Marshall County Health Administrator Christine Stinson told the commissioners this week that the residents moved out of the home at 606 N. Thayer Street in January. Stinson said she’s hired an exterminator to take care of the rat problem until the building can be demolished in September. The property is within 300 feet of the elementary school.

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Second Reading Discussed on Health Department Ordinances

The health department’s fee schedule ordinance and the ordinance pertaining to well installation, maintenance and operation were brought before the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday.

Health Administrator Christine Stinson told the commissioners that she discussed well caps with a well drilling operator and changed requirements to the abandonment of wells. She went to the DNR rule which satisfied the issue with wording in the ordinance.

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