Second Reading Discussed on Health Department Ordinances

The health department’s fee schedule ordinance and the ordinance pertaining to well installation, maintenance and operation were brought before the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday.

Health Administrator Christine Stinson told the commissioners that she discussed well caps with a well drilling operator and changed requirements to the abandonment of wells. She went to the DNR rule which satisfied the issue with wording in the ordinance.

She mentioned that she did take out the requirement of inspections of wells after construction. She said that simplifies the goal of the ordinance which focuses on location and well testing.

The commissioners did not have a chance to read through the amended well ordinance, but they approved the second reading of the ordinance.

No changes were made to the fee schedule ordinance, but since it contains fees enforceable by the adoption of the well ordinance the fee schedule ordinance was also approved on second reading.

The third and final reading of both ordinances will take place during the commissioners’ next meeting on Monday, Aug. 7.