Court Order Issued to Demolish Unsafe Building in Bourbon

A rat-infested property in Bourbon that is unfit for human habitation will be demolished in September.

Marshall County Health Administrator Christine Stinson told the commissioners this week that the residents moved out of the home at 606 N. Thayer Street in January. Stinson said she’s hired an exterminator to take care of the rat problem until the building can be demolished in September. The property is within 300 feet of the elementary school.

Stinson obtained quotes from excavating companies and the lowest quote she received came from Lanker Services in the amount of $11,120. The bid sheet did say that the house was to be demolished Sept. 1, but the bank placed a stay on the process until the 15th. Stinson will make sure the company’s quote is good through the 15th.

The commissioners approved the quote if it’s good through the remainder of the bank’s stay on demolition.

The money will come out of the health department’s budget. To recoup the cost for demolition and extermination, a lien may be placed against the property.

Building Commissioner Chuck DeWitt said the health department’s budget for the demolition of unsafe structures in the county does not contain enough funds to even start taking care of blighted properties.

“We need help from the council to give us that line item and to help us fund that because tearing down one property a year doesn’t even come close to what we’ve got. There are many, many other properties out there that are unsafe to the point that if someone enters them it could result in injury or death.”

The commissioners could add a line item to support the appropriation in taking care of more unsafe buildings in next year’s budget.