Plymouth BOW/City Council to Meet Tonight

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety will meet tonight where City Engineer Rick Gaul will have several updates on discussion items. He will present information on the Plum and Jefferson Street intersection, Baker survey issues, Baker Ditch Bridges, and U.S. 30 ramp detour. City Attorney Sean Surrisi will ask the board members to ratify the temporary closure of East Garro Street for the City Hall project. The board will also consider an agreement between the Plymouth Community Ambulance Service and the State of Indiana for the annual government ambulance payment adjustment for managed care service. An agreement for the preparation of the provider cost report for 2017 will also be considered.

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Intergovernmental Agreement Pertaining to Planning Services to be Reviewed Monday

The intergovernmental agreement between Marshall County and the City of Plymouth for planning services with Planning Director Ralph Booker will be discussed by the Plymouth City Council members on Monday.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger told the Marshall County Commissioners on Tuesday morning that Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi was off much of the last part of December and didn’t have a chance to review the paperwork prior to Tuesday’s commissioners meeting.

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Plymouth City Council Discusses Agreement with Marshall County Council on Aging

The Plymouth City Council members last week reviewed an agreement with the Marshall County Council on Aging for 2018.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained that the agreement is unchanged from last year’s terms. It confirms the city’s contribution of $8,000 to help support the community cab program. The program is an effort by the county and the city to provide public transportation to residents.

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Plymouth City Council to Continue Public Hearing on Tax Abatement

The Plymouth City Council members heard public comment during a hearing Monday night about the proposed six-year property tax abatement for the River Gate South, LLC housing project.

Steve Guriel, who owns several rental properties, asked if any other housing units in Plymouth were granted tax abatements. City Attorney Sean Surrisi noted that this is the first time in the history of the city where this type of residential tax abatement was requested.

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City Building Renovation Project Moving Along

Plymouth City Building

The renovation project at the Plymouth City Building in its second month and things are progressing at a good pace, according to City Attorney Sean Surrisi who updated the Plymouth City Council on the progress last week.

“They’re still in the demolition phase,” reported Surrisi. “We’ve run into a couple of things. When you tear open an old building you run into things that you don’t anticipate. For the most part, we’re doing really well with the budget. They found some sort of unidentified well, or something, where they’re digging the elevator shaft. They brought the soil scientists back out and they examined it.” Continue reading

Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Approves Resolution

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety considered a resolution on Monday night pertaining to the ability to write off delinquent and uncollectible water, wastewater, garbage, and stormwater bills.

Board member Jeff Houin made a comment that City Attorney Sean Surrisi handles several small claims issues in court and he is working to collect what is owed to the city. The write-offs amount to just over $1,800.

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Van Vactor Farms Looking to Amend Land Sale Proceeds Agreement

David Miller of Van Vactor Farms approached the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Monday night to discuss an amendment to a land sale proceeds agreement.

Miller reminded the board members of the donation of 20 acres of land out in the techFarm area on Miller Drive and Pioneer Drive back in 2004. Miller stated that the donation of land was a partnership with the city to build a techFarm on the northwest side of town. The original agreement called for a split of proceeds between the Van Vactor Farms and the city as land is sold for development. According to the original agreement, the money split would be used to help development infrastructure and other projects at the techFarm.

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Plymouth City Council Approves Building Lease

Plymouth City Building

The Plymouth City Council discussed a lease in order to house the mayor’s office and the clerk-treasurer’s office while the city building renovation project is in progress.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained that the offices were going to stay in the city building during the project. However, during a pre-construction meeting with the contractors it was felt that moving the offices would be the most effective way to get the project done in a timely manner.

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Municipal Excise Surtax, Wheel Tax Ordinance Dies

A proposed ordinance that would help raise revenue for the construction and rehabilitation of roads and streets within the City of Plymouth died for a lack of a motion Monday night.

The Plymouth City Council members held a public hearing on a municipal excise surtax and municipal wheel tax ordinance earlier this month and called a first reading on the ordinance. The ordinance was up for second reading during a specially-called meeting last week during budget discussions. It was tabled and brought up for discussion on Monday night.

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Plymouth Redevelopment Commission Finalizes Paperwork for Renovation Project

Plymouth City Building

Three members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission approved a mountain of paperwork Tuesday night to prepare for the renovations of the city building and chamber of commerce building.

The bonds sold for the project on Tuesday and will be closed today. 1st Source Bank will be the bond trustee until the project is done and payments are needed.

The lowest project bid came from Michiana Contracting, Inc. in the amount of $2,198,700. The commission members approved that bid.

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Plymouth Police Chief Addresses Traffic Flow around Lincoln Jr. High School

Plymouth City Police Chief David Bacon presented the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members with a solution to a traffic flow issue on school days around the Lincoln Jr. High School.

Chief Bacon said Mayor Mark Senter and City Attorney Sean Surrisi met with the Director of Safety and Security and the Transportation Director from the school corporation to address traffic issues. He said traffic gets snarled around the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up portions of the school day at Lincoln Jr. High School.

“Traffic gets backed up on Gibson onto Liberty so we looked at ways to remedy that,” said Chief Bacon. “One solution is no parking on the south side of Gibson from Liberty Street to the circle drive. That will be in effect from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days only.”

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Plymouth City Council Considers Proposal to Vacate Water Street

The Plymouth City Council members held a public hearing Monday night to hear comments on the proposed vacation of Water Street.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi mentioned that the city’s action is for the benefit of the River Gate South housing project. The road would be vacated from the Yellow River to east Lake Ave. Surrisi said the city owns all of the adjacent lots in the area, but the only concern is the utilities under that road.

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Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for New Housing Project in Plymouth

Dignitaries from the City of Plymouth and the Marshall County areas of economic development and government welcomed the start of a new housing project in Plymouth on Tuesday morning.

The River Gate South housing project broke ground yesterday. At the corner of Michigan Street and Lake Avenue, three apartment buildings will be built. The east and west buildings will have 15 apartments consisting of one, two and three bedroom apartments. The center building will have nine condos with two and three bedroom units. Ground level parking will be available under each building as well as an outdoor lot. Continue reading