Wednesday is Ancilla Gives Day

Ancilla is hosting a 24 hour fundraiser on June 24th that encourages supporters to donate to the local junior college and assist them in finishing out the fiscal year strong. On this day people are prompted to make a donation of at least $24 to the Ancilla fund which provides financial aid to students. Ninety-three percent of Ancilla College students receive financial aid and 43 percent of student families are in a category that can afford zero dollars toward tuition. Continue reading

Local Communities Receive Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Grants

A pair of local communities are among the recipients of grants from the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation. Statewide more than $370,000 was given to 101 recipients in 61 counties for critical needs. Eligible projects include equipping emergency responders with personal protective equipment, acquiring equipment for use by emergency responders, providing radios and technology equipment and training for emergency responders.

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Summer Season Brings Increase in Utility Bills

Summer begins this Sunday and warmer temperatures often come with it.

The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor is providing tips to help combat the increase in electric bills.

Counselor Dave Stippler says the summer season should be a time to remember to use electricity more wisely. Doing so can not only ease the cost of running utilities, but also prevent excess workload on the electric grid.
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