Bremen Business First to try Ancilla Management & Leadership Training

When Marshall County employers were recently interviewed on workforce development issues, it was discovered that training is one of the biggest needs for workers in the area. To help alleviate this problem, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Ancilla College and the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation are teaming up with local businesses to launch the Ancilla College Management and Leadership Training program. Continue reading

Petroleum Analysts Wait to See How Harvey Impacts National Gas Prices

As first responders attend to the devastation and destruction caused by Tropical Storm Harvey, fuel analysts wait to see how national gas prices will be impacted. Senior Petroleum Analyst for Partick DeHaan said that during Hurricane Katrina whole-sale gas prices shot up 40 cents a gallon. Though he expects a similar reaction, the current projections are still unknown. Continue reading

Casey’s General Store Receives BZA Approval

The former Burger King on Plymouth Rd, in Bremen that has been abandoned for about 2 and a half years will be occupied by a new company following a decision made by the Bremen Zoning Authority during a meeting last week. Casey’s General Store received the BZA board’s approval on their submitted application and is currently going through the proper channels to purchase the property and receive all the necessary permits.
Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioner and Bremen Historian to Speak at Historical Museum

The Marshall County Historical Museum invites you to pack a lunch on September 9th and join them from noon to 1 p.m during their “Shiver Me Timbers” Historic Barn Revival Brown Bag Presentation. Mindy Langdon, Museum Community Relations, said they take into consideration that some people may need to get back to work if they’re attending the presentation during their lunch break so 10 minutes is allotted at the end for a Q&A but people are free to leave at this time. Continue reading

Skimmer Scams on the Rise – Be Cautious While Paying at the Pump

Left: Normal Card Reader        Right: Skimmer

With an increase in skimming devices being discovered at gas stations this year, AAA warns drivers to be extra cautious about paying at the pump. Unfortunately, this could happen to anybody; AAA Public Affairs Manager Greg Seiter had his card skimmed at a gas station on the south side of Indianapolis just a few weeks ago. Continue reading

Present Your Soft Proposals for the Shady Rest Home

The Shady Rest Home Advisory Committee is asking for soft proposals from parties interested in long-term use and occupancy of the Marshall County property formerly known as “Shady Rest”. Soft proposals should not exceed three pages and should indicate use, ownership structure, one’s ability to sustain operations and maintenance, and approximate number of individuals who would benefit from services provided. Include appropriate contact information and name on the proposal. Continue reading

Thomas Chamberlin Memorial Bridge Unveiled Friday Afternoon

The sun was shining down on Michigan Street in Plymouth Friday as Marshall County residents gathered together to celebrate the memory of former sheriff Tom Chamberlin with a bridge dedication in his honor.

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter started out by giving personal thanks to the Chamberlin family for sharing Sheriff Tom with the community for as long as they did. Tom’s wife of 37 years Lea Ann was there with their three children, Rachel, Meredith and Tom Jr. Continue reading